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12 August 2001
York, PA
How's it goin?

Just wanted to tell you guys that NSX's are awesome and I hope to own one someday.

I'm very jealous.

I have an S2000 now. I moderate the S2000/NSX board over on superhonda and come here often for information. Great site, I love the FAQ's page. Lots of info.

Just wondering, would any of you like to trade???

In about 2 or 3 years, you'll see me on here looking for a '97+ NSX-T, preferably the same spa yellow as my car. So keep me in mind.

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Welcome SpaYellowS2k,

I almost bought a white/red int. S2000 before the NSX. However, I was able to work an even better deal on the NSX that I couldn't pass up. There's actually 3(out of 6) S2000's still sitting at the dealer since it first came out. I doubt anyone will buy them, which is good because I still have my eyes on that white/red combo.

Nice car! I love S2000 and almost got it... but just couldn't pass on my NSX... I think they are both great cars.
Originally posted by jackmac:
You are a great moderator....I visit your the forums a lot.....

Thanks! I try to keep it cool in there and help people out when I can. I really love the NSX.

I think it will suit me better having an NSX. I'm 6'3", does the NSX have a lot more legroom than the S2000? I'm assuming it does. I've never had the privilege to drive in one, and I rarely even see any NSX's on the road. When I do, it catches my eye like no other car, except maybe a Mclaren, but like I'll ever see one of those where I live.

Do any of you guys live around PA/MD/NJ/DE?

I know an S2000 meet is being organized down in Maryland soon. We had one back in April and 25 S2000's showed up. It would be awesome if S2000's and NSX's could meet together sometime. I'm sure nobody would have a problem with our big brother showing up to the S2000 meet in October.

Well, I'm trying to save up for an NSX. I wish I knew how much the next gen. will cost so I could see if I would be able to afford it or not. If not, then hopefully I'll be in position to buy a '97+ when I get my S2000 paid off, which should be in two years or so.

Valeno, you live in Guam? That's awesome, I like your avatar.
There's a white/red at my dealer right now. I think the white/red is very sharp. It would be my second choice after the yellow. Very classy.

Talk to you guys later,


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I'm 6'3", does the NSX have a lot more legroom than the S2000?

I don't know exactly how it compares to the S2000, but I know of some people over 6' who do have headroom issues (resolvable with aftermarket seat cushions).

I do know that from riding in the S2000, the NSX interior feels bigger.

I almost bought a white/red int. S2000 before the NSX.

I too almost bought a S2000 before emptying my wallet on my dream car.

At the end of 1999, my wife and I walked into a Honda dealer showroom while waiting for an oil change on our Civic. A pair of S2000s totally caught us by surprise as we had heard NOTHING of the Honda's new roadster before then. I was drooling over the red one and the sticker price in the low $30s was very appealing. Then the $10K dealer markup brought me back to reality. And buying the S2000 would have delayed my purchase of getting a NEW first gen NSX.

Unfortunately I couldn't convince my wife that we should get an S2000 for a third car. I tried. Almost went for a test drive too...dealers are very willing to let us NSXers take them for a spin. We ended up getting a Lexus.

'97+ NSX-T, preferably the same spa yellow as my car

Spa yellow is absolutely stunning on the NSX...have you seen one in person?

'00 Acura NSX-T (red/black), '97 Honda Civic HX (black), '01 Lexus IS300 (black/black)
"Reality is better than the dream..."


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Spa Yellow looks so good, its criminal that its only offered from '97 up...<sigh>

Although, come to think of it, the NSX looks great in just about any color
Originally posted by SpaYellowS2K:
I'm 6'3", does the NSX have a lot more legroom than the S2000

Yes, the NSX seems to have more legroom. Headroom is OK.

Im 6'1" and I recall I kept rubbing my head on the roof of the S2K most of the time. I tend to keep the seatback relatively straight -- hence the headroom problem. I also had a hard time finding a good comprimise between seat and steering wheel position where my knees wouldnt hit the steering column. A telescoping steering wheel would help (or maybe my friend didnt tell me it was adjustable). I still didnt get used to it after driving for half an hour.

The passenger side seemed a little better, but I would still consider it cramped.

I found the S2K seats a better fit than the NSX though. I seem to slosh around in the NSX seats too much when driving.

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The S2000 is the opposite then. It has ample headroom, but not enough legroom. That's my opinion, but I tend to slouch a little in my seat. I assume you can adjust the steering column, something that I can't do in the S2000.

The only time I ever saw a spa yellow NSX was on the highway. I saw a white and a yellow being transported on the top of one of those trucks that carries two levels of cars, about ten or so. I don't know the term for it. Anyway, I raced through traffic to catch up and get a closer look, took some pics as I was going about 70 down the highway. Driver probably thought I was nuts.

I would like to take a closer look, but I only know of about two NSX's in my area. A guy owns a silver one, pre '95 by the wheels at a diner. His brother has a yellow Ferrari 360 Modena, sweet. There's also a black one running around here. I see them once in a blue moon. That may explain why the NSX seems intriguing to me, they are very rare where I live. S2000's are becoming commonplace, but are still an awesome car. The number that I see on the road isn't all that matters, I'd just like to hear that VTEC screaming behind me.