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Got my GPW coupe last month and loving it.

29 December 2010
Pittsburgh, PA
Get out your kites and tie down your lawn furniture because here comes some long winded rambling.

Well I finally got my GPW coupe on May 11. Drove home from Long Island on May 12. Couldn't have found a better one for me unless perhaps WhiteNSXs was selling his last month.

Like many of you I wanted an NSX since I was half as old as I am now. Upon first sight of each, I knew I'd one day own an NSX and 90's 300ZX. I "trained" for NSX ownership by stepping first into a black '93 Ford Probe GT straight out of college while working for Ford Motor Co and later into a black '91 300ZX around 2000. I realized even back then how close all 3 were in regards to cockpit feel.

While @Ford I had a short assignment on the '96 Cobra team. One of the test mules was white with with blue stripes but it was kept internal and low-key because the Ford/Shelby relationship wasn't too tight then. The '94+ Mustang looked reasonably interesting to me but it looked really sharp in white. That was the first time I realized how good white can make a car look.

Screen Shot 2013-06-08 at 6.42.50 PM.jpg

After leaving Ford in 2000 and selling the 300ZX in 2002 after it left me stranded a third time, I felt I had to grow up a little and bought a rational, reliable, and reasonably good-looking CPO '02 Accord w/1,900 miles. Assumed I'd have it for just a few years. That was 205,000 miles ago. Ironically, what made me take notice of the Accord then was a co-worker's white Accord.

But I'd have an NSX someday. In 2006 during a work assignment in Phoenix I spent the weekends golfing & casually NSX hunting even though I knew I was 4+ years away from actually being in a position to buy one since I was going to be traveling too much for work for the next few years and didn't even own a house or garage at that point. Took my first ride & drive in a black '92 w/25k miles & maintained by Mark Basch. The seller was making room in his 4-car garage for his new Ford GT due back from service, and his wife was unwilling to move her red Boxster DD into the driveway. The GT somehow got totaled by the garage after service...so he held onto the NSX for a while longer. We still keep in touch which is very cool.


Skip past four or five misc NSX's in PHX that weren't as nice, and a '97 or '98 Kaiser silver in Columbus OH posted in an Autoweek ad. I still wasn't close to rationalizing buying one but I thought "why not keep window shopping and learning in case I stumble upon something too good to pass up." Awesome car and not crazily priced, I think ~$40k and less than 50k miles. It was the first and last Kaiser silver NSX I'd seen in person and I still remember thinking "wow" upon first sight. It had a dimple dent in the removable top and was in need of full servicing soon. But mostly it just wasn't the right time, so that was a pass.

Screen Shot 2013-06-08 at 4.49.00 PM.jpg

Skip past a few more years of to 2009 when impatience to own a fun car again grew and I started looking at options, convincing myself I would sell the Accord and get a two-for-one practical & fun car that could also be a DD. First test drive was a Cayman S just traded in by the Pittsburgh Penguins goalie Marc Andre Fleury for a Lambo. This was at the dealership where tpolonyi bought his blue '05.


Super fun car but not nearly as practical as I had pretended. A month later I very impetuously bought a Monaco Blue CPO 2006 BMW 330i ZHP coupe from CA. Impatience had finally won and a 4-seater coupe was easier to rationalize. Along with white, I longed to own a dark blue and also wanted a pre-Bangle BMW as the writing was on the wall that BMW was going to follow the herd of gratuitous design cues and lose that special understated aura of BMW design. By the early/mid 00's I felt that few executed designs across their lines as well as BMW and Honda that were so timeless, clean, and simple yet curiously attractive. I bought the 330i ZHP coupe sight unseen and although it was super comfortable and fun to drive, it wasn't the powerhouse that its M-badges suggested... I'll never forget the first look back after bringing it home from the transporter. My immediate thought was that wow, that car would look really great in white... Perhaps the buyer's remorse could have been avoided if I had seen it in person and test driven it first... All could have been avoided if stayed focused on the NSX and hadn't settled. I owned that fun car just 9 months before I flipped it (and not anywhere near a gain...). Blue cars and BMW's were out of my system and I'd gotten the "first wife" out of the way.

Another big lesson learned was realizing what an anchor an integrated infotainment system could be. The 2002-era nav was slow and archaic in function and appearance. With NSX's "classic" and simple interior, I could always bring in my own GPS and iPod hook-up and never risk being stuck with something outdated in 5 years. Also finally owning a 330 let me vent some personal frustrations over the direction of auto design with a submission to that year's Car & Driver top 10 issue magazine cover parody contest. I think it was a bit too snarky (and honest) to get any consideration.

10 BEST.jpg

After a 12 month pause to recover from that expensive 9 month lease, I finally registered in NSXprime in Dec 2010 and became email buddies with thedon67 while trying to pay NSXCA dues so I could start receiving the intriguing-looking NSXCA magazines. Don played a very significant role in helping me lead myself towards my eventual purchase by being a great sounding board and by putting me in contact with key people and mentioning potential NSX's for sale now & then.

I posted an NSX wanted ad for a silver, black, or blue, followed by at least 2 dozen first dates with prospective NSX's over the next 18 months, most via email and 4-5 in person. I did a one day trip to & from Indianapolis for a silver '92 in March 2011. In person I realized I had owned a silver Accord for 9 years and internalized that it's really time for something different. Still, I later strongly considered tbromley's silver '91 given its condition but when I finally called to really discuss it, it had just sold.

Then there was an overnighter to CT via frequent flier miles in the fall of 2011 to check out an incredible red '92 with 15k miles and w/recent Larry B maintenance for only $32k (!). Don mentioned this one - it showed up at NSXPO 2011 having seen rain maybe twice in its life. Even though red wasn't a preference, I had to see it just to judge in person since the price & condition were too compelling.



As stunning a car as it was, it just wasn't the one. I did get a super fun weekend out of it though and I really enjoyed meeting the seller who retired in his 60's only to go back to school to get his architectural degree and then design his own awesome house on the shore. Being an architect wannabe myself, that was so cool to hear about.



Also I passed by Wayne Carrini's F40 Motorsports on the way to meeting the seller. I pulled over at the restaurant across from his shop to look something up and spotted Wayne walking from his showroom to the garage with likely some lucky clients and snapped some quick paparazzi photos. He still had the BMC party bus!




Until then my color choice really hadn't solidified. I favored black & silver even though I'd already owned 2 black cars and currently owned a silver, and blue was still a possibility, as this photo that I stumbled upon around 2005 was so captivating (and still is).


In the spring of 2012 suddenly the thought of a white NSX came back to mind. I had to see one in person to verify, and again Don set me up by putting me in touch with LarryG. I stopped by his place in mid-PA during a work trip to York PA and got to see his white '92 with NSX-R style hood. That's all it took and there were no other color options.

Here are some stellar photos of Larry and his white NSX.

Around April 2012 a white '92 w/50k miles came up FS and I drove 4 hours away to check it out. Ultimately it didn't work out when seller raised his price after I accepted his asking price (pending PPI). He claimed that recent maintenance had been done but he had no paperwork.

Also in April an interesting option appeared that involved a known NSX guru selling a thoroughly restored red '92 with a brand new crate 3.2L motor, all new brakes (02+ brakes I think), new Zanardi suspension, rebuilt 5-speed trans, and brand spanking new refreshed interior...but it was too late because GPW was the target.

Around July 2012 I had the idea to post a new NSX wanted ad to focus on white in a clowny way that I hoped would gather lots of eyes of sellers and helpers. I was contacted by 6-10 GPW sellers in the next few months because of that ad but none worked out: some had too many mods or needed more refreshening than I cared to pursue, some were being sold with unrealistically high asking prices, yet another seller raised his price after accepting my asking price offer (raising his price by 32%!!), and finally two sellers just changed their mind about selling them. Not a deal-breaker, but every one was a '92 in snap ring range.

Last August I stumbled upon Meeyatch1's "GPW Registry" thread and had the idea to email all the owners of low mileage unmodified pre-95's. Everyone responded and it was fun and frustrating to hear how much they all loved their GPW and had no intention to sell anytime soon, but they'd keep my info just in case. The best sounding one was a 1993 with less than 18k miles that was still with the original owner (champ19) who was originally from Sewickley PA near Pittsburgh. It recently had TB/WP/60k serviced by Larry B, was always stored in a climate-controlled garage, had all original paperwork, was never in rain/snow, and was 100.00% stock other than a bolt-on Comptech racing harness. Wow. Also it was the second to last '93 made. That was intriguing because from my experience at Ford I knew that often the end-of-model-year cars would receive various goodies and upgrades reserved for the following model year. We traded a few emails about Pittsburgh and NSX's and then I filed his last email away and moved on. Until reading about his in the GPW registry, the prom queens of recent for-sale GPW's in my opinion were Casper from 2009 and this one from SOS. But this '93 looked to be the prom queen of prom queens, being a one owner that was so well cared-for. I figured since I never dated the prom queen, I probably never would.

I'd occasionally think I probably could have made 1 or 2 of the recent options work and that time was just passing by...I kept thinking about a black '94 with 78k miles and all updated service for $30k in Seattle that Teej checked out for me during a work trip, amongst other ones...but then I'd realize I was not going to settle again and repeat the BMW experience.

Fast forward into autumn and past a nice sub-20k mile '92 GPW in CA (still for sale and he's a good guy - email me if you're looking for a GPW and I'll put you in touch!), a well cared-for ivory/silver '92 in NY (it had a very intriguing price but I ultimately passed on it in favor of finding that GPW), and another really nice local '92 GPW that was 35 minutes away from me! The seller eventually realized that he wasn't ready to part with it. Ironically, in Meeyatch1's GPW registry thread, there's yet another '92 GPW here in Pittsburgh that I never knew about and have never seen yet.

On Dec 28 I got a PM from Jan, the owner of the 18k mile all-OEM '93 from August saying that he was considering selling and would give me first crack. He emailed at 7:13pm and I replied a few minutes later, to which he responded "Wow, what took you so long?" We had some fun catch-up talk, got down to it, and I accepted his asking price which was on the high side of my acceptable range (but finally a realistic seller!!!).

As it turns out, my goofy NSX wanted ads were just the trick as it caught his attention and he kept an eye on them for the next few months after we spoke in August. :smile: He would only sell it to someone who would appreciate it for what it was and not modify it. Sign me up.

After two or three other GPW NSX sellers pulled the football from me, I almost didn't believe that maybe I had finally found it. Jan is a racing memorabilia collector and hobbyist racer, and he not only wanted to funnel some money into other things including his champ car, but he also realized he just wasn't driving the car enough to justify it anymore, so all in all it sounded like this one could stick.

He sent me a photo where the garage was as intriguing as the NSX itself:


It would come with all three body/electrical/service manuals, all dealer paraphernalia from the time, an unopened silver/black NSX owner's book, two models, a car cover, eight extra OEM wheels, a spare main relay, and spare muffler.

photo copy.jpg

Fast forward four more months of melting snow and more emailed pics that whetted my appetite even more:


Jan sent me the owner's manual in to peruse prior to pickup, to familiarize myself with the car. It looked BRAND NEW and included the warranty papers, tire info, salesman's business card, and a polaroid of the car on the lot. Seeing the condition this was in, I knew this NSX was worth the wait. OK so maybe this was really going to happen.



In early April I flew out to take a look, as I swore I'd never buy another car sight unseen if I could help it. Jan picked me up in his beater Integra DD and headed straight to his Long Island house with a detached 2-car garage that's part museum, part collector warehouse, part work area, and part lodging with a loft above. That's where I first saw this in person:


It was all I expected it to be - it looked, felt, and smelled new.







17,821 miles - yow. It was no concours museum piece and had a few very minor things here & there, but that was perfect because I was not looking for a photography subject to be kept under glass. I've only seen one other NSX look and smell as new as this one (the one near me) so I was really excited. I'm not going to be bashful about putting on the miles in dry weather, but this car will never see food or coffee inside. Jan rarely if ever drove it w/o nomex gloves on so the steering wheel & shifter were dealership-new.

- - - Updated - - -

To be continued since Prime won't let me post more than 25 pictures at once and anything I post is automatically added to the above post...
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Just kidding, Yinzer!! :D

Congrats . Glad your patience paid off. You got a pristine car with the color and style that you wanted. Now go drive that thing......
you really did get to know the "right" people in nsx land before buying......The NE crew rocks.......btw you should do a road trip to wgi for kids day...
<iframe src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/9hmDZz5pDOQ" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" width="420"></iframe>

Ric, thanks for the bump!


The other keys were still on the original keyring, with dealer inventory info and silver ID tag. I don't think the unobtanium key was ever used:

Screen Shot 2013-06-08 at 5.36.52 PM.jpg

Speaking of wheels - with the eight extra OEM wheels and the four I bought on Ebay last year, I now have twelve extra '91-93 wheels...anyone opening a phat phive museum?

The trip was a lot of fun in and of itself. I think Jan would give the World's Most Interesting Man a run for his money, as he's the director of maintenance at a local hangar, he lived in the Virgin Islands for 10 years and once owned a fishing boat and bar, he collects very cool military & racing memorabilia, and he house-sits for some of the Hampton's elite, one of whom he helped sell the guy's '07 F430 and '08 twin turbo porsche. We stopped at one house on the way to dinner because he had to check on something. It was so opulent (yet far from the biggest one we'd driven by) that I fully expected to see Kanye West playing tag with Taylor Swift in the hallway and wearing only beach towels. We also drove by the sand-blown roads still showing evidence of the hurricane from last year. Very sobering.

Five weeks later it was time for the pickup. The NSX was always stored under light cover in the climate-controlled garage so we had to first remove the chocks:


Then out into the drizzling rain for the 2nd time in its life:



And on to Rubio Premier Motors for a quick looky loo under the bottom at a local Wayne Carrini-like shop full of wishlist cars. I passed on a PPI given its obvious condition and service history by Larry. It was interesting to note that 4 landscapers in front of the showroom window full of 2 Ferraris, a Bentley, and a classic white Merc all stopped working and turned to watch us pull in and park near the service bay entrance. Lots of great toys in and around the shop:





Then went for a ride and stopped by Jan's "office:"


Brought it back to the garage, signed the paperwork, and drove to dinner. Jan's voice cracked slightly once the deal was done, after all this car had been in his garage for 18 years. He knows he has first option on it if/ever/never I sell, so really it's just exchanging caretakers.

Sunday came and I hopped in and began the ride home, but not before leaving a souvenir for Jan on his champ car:


This car had such a cool place to hang out over the years:





All the new distractions made me forget to call dreampowered for a fly-by on my way thru Long Island. I had made plans to stop by Larry's to say hi and meet him and pbassjo for the first time but that fell thru once we all realized that May 12 was Mother's Day so instead I slight diverted south towards thedon67's to finally meet him and Carla. But first the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge ($10 for a bridge ride? WOW).


Then the first bird poop a few blocks from Don & Carla's:


I didn't stay long as they were spring cleaning prior to having an open house but I got to see his Imola and her Z02 in person...what a garage...

My car came with everything I could think of other than the original sticker and floor mats. Don pulled a spare used set of mats from his garage as a house-warming gift for the NSX. What a guy! Then the ride home westward, with a few awesome tunnel runs on the PA turnpike. This will stay as one of my favorite pictures of all time and one of the most memorable moments of that first day. If only this picture had sound:


The Yeti finally turned 18 on the way home.


I made it home safe & sound, turned around and caught a quick picture.


Over the next few weeks I had it registered and inspected - took some work to find an OBD1-capable emissions inspection station. Bobby Rahal Mercedes in Wexford did not disappoint. The techs wear latex surgeon's gloves and they place cotton covers over the seats. I looked up in time to catch this shot in the waiting room monitor. Best looking car in the shop that day!



So until I move into my house w/garage in early 2014 (I bought a fixer-upper and will be the first time I'll have a garage since 2004), I get to see this only once a week.

Screen Shot 2013-06-08 at 5.59.01 PM.jpg



Even though I swore I didn't buy this to take pictures every second like a doting new parent, the novelty hasn't worn thin yet. I keep forgetting to take off the dealer-insalled door ding edge protector. I get a laugh every time I see that it's still on. Too awesome.


Planned "mods" include an iPod adapter, Dali window thingies (the windows FLY up and down, as they were probably cycled less than 40x in their entire life), new repro-OEM floor mats, TBD OEM wheels, and updating the various 00's on the odometer with a few 1's and 2's. This thing just feels too new to even joke about modding it beyond any of those above...you can save your breath talking about the 4x4 lift-kit suspension, hella-sunk wheels, and star wars exhaust....I'm not listening, lol.

Four weeks and around 700 miles in and not one ounce of buyer's remorse. After poring thru various threads like "have you ever settled on color," "NSX regrets," and "buying a white NSX," it was totally worth being patient and taking the extra steps necessary to find the right one.

Speaking of which - I don't expect anyone to understand my "patience" here, lol again. I guess you have to walk in someone's shoes to really understand sometimes. The past 3 years have been full of family health issues, a random blood clot myself in March 2011, prioritizing getting back into a house again after moving around too much for work, and several work emergencies sometimes taking me "off the grid" for weeks at a time...so sometimes it was more like I was waiting for the right time than the right NSX. PLUS the longer you wait, the more you set aside and the easier it is to justify spending a little more for that right one. And the more you see, the easier it is to jump when the right one appears. The right NSX appeared at just the right time, resulting in *zero* regret.

So super big thanks to meeyatch1 for starting that GPW registry thread. There is probably no way this would have come together if it weren't for you starting that thread.

Also thanks to thedon67, teej, alum04org, nsxtasy, plesset, phoen$x, 99NCNSX, Larry Bastanza, and pbassjo for their hands-on help in one way or another. Big thanks to many others too that I've gotten to know along the way, I'll enjoy staying in touch with all of you as the venture continues and I hope my work commitments let me make NSXPO '13. Thanks NSXPRIME too. I've been a donating contributor for over a year and suggest anyone reading this who's not a supporter yet (if you're still awake here) to join & donate (especially you NSX hunters).

Bigger thanks to champ19 for picking me. I'll enjoy staying in touch and am awaiting pictures of your upcoming white Honda. You picked the right buyer. Besides the fact that you kept the car in such good condition, I knew I picked the right seller when casually dropped after pick-up:
"...and while you are at it have them spin balance the fronts. I think I got a slight vibration at 130 that I did not have with the original tires."

BIGGEST thanks though to the two GPW selling yahoos who pulled the football from me and raised your prices, as well as the two good guys who decided to just hold onto theirs a while longer. Thank you thank you thank you! :triumphant:

Well thanks for plugging along with this read. It's far from the most intriguing NSX in the world but it was such an interesting path that I thought I'd share some since I enjoyed reading all the "got mine" posts before acquiring mine, and still do.

I jokingly nicknamed it the Yeti because it's white, I knew it would be pretty hard to find, but I really knew it was out there somewhere! Over and out!

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holy s+++ batman... I thought my quest was arduous... Excellent buy Yinzer Hell, I thought you already had one... I meet you on the Ohio Penn border and we can race for pinks!!!hahaaaaaaaaa MPX (already jealous of Yinzer's GPW)
I know I wouldn't have had that kind of patience. Congrats on a perfect car. And definitely enjoy the hell out of her
Great story and very inspiring!
what bar on what virgin island?
Incredible write up yinzer! I truly don't know if I have the kind of patience you showed during your search. But it clearly paid off... Can't even see a bit of dust in those interior shots.

"BIGGEST thanks though to the two GPW selling yahoos who pulled the football from me and raised your prices, as well as the two good guys who decided to just hold onto theirs a while longer. Thank you thank you thank you! "

I think I well recall who those two were :mad: yea, the "sellers" who re-priced their footballs. So it goes, and now you have "yours." Congrats! :smile:
Great write up. Your patience paid off. Finding an NSX with under 20k miles is quite a feat now days and a Great White at that, Grand Prix White.

You won't have any regrets I'm sure, since you won't feel you settled. Now you will be one of the GPW owners that won't be ready to sell for a long time. :biggrin:

Thanks for sharing your story. It goes to show others that their patience can pay off. You went on quite the safari, but in the end you captured the prize.

Now get out there on the dance floor and boogie with your garage prom queen.

Be prepared for LBS (Look Back Syndrome).
Great write up Yinzer. Congrats again, we will definately try to meet up sometime this summer. Enjoy the gpw and the golf trip.

Bob - That would be a ton of fun. I've not been shy about donating to Prime/NSXCA member events like castaway critters, the Michelle Offsie walk, NSXCA hurricane sandy victims, etc. partly "just because" and partly to show my appreciation for what NSXCA/Prime has brought to me (the car). But I definitely can't make that date as I'll be in Flint Michigan and Columbus Ohio the two weekends before/after. Just not enough free time to do it all. Until I pick that winning lottery ticket someday, that is.

Docjohn - we'll have to ask champ19! I think the bar may have been in the states, and his fishing boat was in the virgin islands. I'm willing to bet that the bar served Dos Equis...

Raj - I will definitely enjoy the golf day (54 hole Ryder Cup style tournament on June 21). That vaca day to blow off some steam is much needed. I'll look forward to hearing about the River Run which sounds too fun. I wish I could make that.

Everyone else - thanks for the "welcome" even though I already feel like a semi-old timer since I joined Prime in late 2010, lol.

Random question to anyone reading this - would any Prime member happen to be traveling from the Philly area towards Pittsburgh anytime soon? And who would have room in their car or truck for four wheels w/tires? :)
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geez your the man bro Im glad you finally wait for that perfect NSX good for you
congrats buddy
Hey Man,
Was great to finally meet ya and congratulations on snagging the Yeti. She looks beautiful and I can't wait to see her in person.


:( that Monaco Blue you posted the pic of was my first NSX... I can tell by the VA State Inspection on center of windshield & small ding on passenger front lower corner of front lip, from when detailer pulled too close to a curb. Miss that car every day.

Congrats on finding what you wanted!
Shawn - thanks. All I can say is, COMPLETELY worth the wait.

Always - thanks, and I appreciated your helping me confirm that the wheels were still available.

Mike - was great to meet you too the other week! Can't wait to get the blue & white together sometime eventually - you have to bring to Ohio at least one time once it's all done. Maybe a meet up in Cincinnati?

Black Nugget - you're kidding me? That is one of my all time favorite NSX photos. Zero exaggeration - when I first saw that around 2006 or 2007, it accelerated the fire to start finding the NSX. Where did it go, do you know where it is now? Something about that photo is pretty captivating...the lighting, the angle, the wheels, wow. Google "1997 blue nsx" and it's the first image to come up. LINK to the rest

Truly enjoying the Yeti here in the blazing hot Pittsburgh summer. I get this huge smile on my face every time I shut the door, realize where I'm sitting and take in that new car smell. It is just too much and I laugh and smile each and every time. I actually love the non-power steering even at slow speeds - it heightens the awareness of what the car is and the occasion of it all. I've been too busy being out of town the past 3 of 4 weekends to take any new pictures or finally meet up with the fellow yinzer NSX owners (I'll arrange something soon before the PVGP). But I owe a photo for the upcoming NSXCA Driver magazine so that's my task for later this week.

In the meantime: the seller sent me a picture of his new GPW daily driver. Like Sesame Street used to say: One of these things is not like the other...



And many thanks also to Bruce, owner of this beauty:

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 9.56.45 PM.jpg

for helping me score these, which I am purty damn excited about. I had expectations that any set I'd find would need refinishing and was going to go for a medium/light gunmetal w/clearcoat. But I think these are in such good condition that I'd probably feel guilty refinishing them. Can't wait to pick them up soon!

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 10.01.40 PM.jpg

Last, out of respect - great job Blackhawks. Hoping to read stories about the cup at the bottom of Ken Sax's pool or stuffed into Brylek's trunk and covered with plasti-dip.

Incredible story, thank you for sharing.

Beautiful Car! Congrats :)