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Advan AVS Model 5's, where are you at?

Advan Friends,

I just cracked a 19x10 Model 5 and need a replacement. If you're selling please let me know. I need clearance for Stoptech BBK. I never remember the calculations so if anybody can help me out with the appropriate specs, please post as well. Thanks.
You will need to pull the wheel off the car.. Look at the back spacing.. It will tell you the sizing between the lug nut holes..

How did you crack your wheel?
You will need to pull the wheel off the car.. Look at the back spacing.. It will tell you the sizing between the lug nut holes..

How did you crack your wheel?

Thanks. The rim made contact with a wall in a parking structure awhile back. I didn't initially realize the damage was more than cosmetic.
Sorry for the shameless plug guys. I finally decided to sell my set. Was a touch choice but there they go..

For sale in the classifieds






This thread seems to be dying but I've rejoined the club.






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Very nice! This is one of the few times you'll see me approve of gold wheels. :biggrin:
yes,looks good.i went for a similar look with bronze wheels on my dark green nsx.
Will a front pair of these wheels in 17x8 +45 fit flush or stick out?
I have joined the Model 5 club. Hopefully, the Don will accept me here, LOL!

The wheels are 17x8 +38 and 18X9 +40.


Now to get them installed. Since I have Kaiser Silver, I may eventually decide to have them repainted bright silver, but I plan to keep them gunmetal for now. Now trying to sell the SSR GT1s I originally bought for my NSX, in the classies here.

I think I made a good decision here...
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Can you/someone tell me where this photo was taken? It's a great background.

The car isn't bad either :biggrin:


I've shared this pic already but I this thread calls for it. =)

I can't remember the exact specs, but its 17/18 combo.
Tires are Falken Azenis RT-615

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Anyone make or find custom Acura center caps for Model 5s? Seems the job would be more difficult because these caps are bolted on. Even so, anyone tried it?
That looks nice. I'm assuming it's laser-cut. Details? Did you use a set of used Model 5 caps, or another set, with holes drilled in the correct place for the Model 5? Who did the work?

[MENTION=32021]neuronbob[/MENTION] - My friend owns a machine shop and used aluminum stock, sliced/diced/drilled based on one of my original center caps. I then had the caps laser engraved with the logo (fairly deep).