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Advan AVS model7 or close ?

13 May 2000
Near Rotterdam
In my strugle to find the Advan's AVS model 7 here in Europe i came by this wheel:

(enter bij clicking image, then click 'wheels', then click 'league & 100+', then on left top wheel under 'league' logo.)

I was wondering how close this wheel is to the Advan wheel.

This will go 2x17" + 2x18" for USD 900, for all 4 wheels.
It says at the bottom that these wheels come from Asia, and are the absolute 'top' from Asia (???).
I surely never heard of this make.

IMO, those wheels are too skinny. Probably designed for cars like Accords, Civics, etc.

Private me if you're interestedin a set of Model 7s.

-- Chris


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If those are copies of Konig wheels. Then they are copies of copies. Most of Konig wheels are copies of various original Japanese wheels.

Originally posted by nsx-808:
Those are Konig Tantrum copies. Unless Konig is League in Europe.