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Advice for selling Ford Mustang & misc other automotive magazines/posters

29 December 2010
Pittsburgh, PA
I'm considering selling most or all of the interesting memorabilia I gathered when working at Ford on the 1996 Mustang Cobra, right around the time of the intro of the 1994 Mustang. Also have some interesting Corvette magazines, especially from when the Vette was my #1 dream car as a teenager, lol.

I'd like to have these find their way into the hands of appreciative owners more hungry about them than me (and also allow me to funnel the funds into NSX memorabilia, which I'm finding to be gathering more and more often lately).

We all know NSXPrime is the/only/best marketplace source for NSX's, with possibly the NSX owners group and NSXmobilia pages on Facebook being a close second, but I don't know the best avenues for trying to sell some of the following types of posters - wondering if any Mustang fans here could recommend the best forum/site I could look into and join? I started looking and found too many to just pick.

THX! (photos to follow once I log into tapatalk and upload, the once-great app now with the horrible "improved user interface" and whose only redeeming feature now is being able to host photos since I've not been able to upload one to Prime in a long time).








Some original artwork from the Underhood Appearance designers:







This was really kept Internal and just for fun: Ford and Carroll Shelby were not playing nice together at the time, but everybody loved the idea of blue Shelby stripes. A test mule was even done up in these colors, but I don't think it ever saw streets outside of internal test grounds.


Some posters:






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Tried a while ago, figuring that would be a slamdunk. No good luck. Tried a few and would have given them away for free if I hadn't picked a reserve. No more of that. Didn't seem to see the right buyers looking thru. Currently browsing through Mustang forums to get a feel for prices. Looking for NSXPrime's overweight American pony car cousin. (Tip of the hat to BBC top gear humor).
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The magazines have no value because everything is archived on the Internet. Those should go in the trash. The posters will only be sought by a few people who may currently own one of those model years. In all honesty, your best bet selling that stuff may be at a local car show where your local Mustang club may go. You can also try selling some of it in a classified section of a regional Mustang Club forum.

Hope this helps.
Thanks. And if all this is true, I'd be glad to take any Brian Long book off your hands since it's available for download on Amazon, as well as the black cover NSX book with silver square in the middle of the cover since all the pages have been scanned to PDF here at prime. Would be glad to help you out here!
If anything there is of limited production you need to identify it as such. The Autoweek magazine, for example, isn't worth the paper to written one. Neither is the Brdgestone tire poster.

I'm not trying to insult you.
No insults taken. :) Just found the statement that magazines/posters are of zero value to true fans of a certain subject to be funny.

Not asking for advice on what's worth what as much as was just asking if any Mustang fans here could point out any "best" or preferred Mustang/ford enthusiast forum sites. I looked and found too many and didn't want to spend the time to investigate further (lazy, admittedly)...and Ebay just didn't work out well for once. Also the original artwork from actual Mustang designers might not gather big money but could be valued by real mid-90's Mustang fanatics if I were to let it go.

So, thx. :)
I owned a 1995 Saleen S351, so I was a big fan of those cars. Your best bet is listing the limited production stuff on local Mustang Owners Club forums.
Wow, photos? What did you think of it at the time, and how long did you have it? If you don't mind some thread-jack-wandering here (I don't care, and I started it).

I found it very intriguing at the time, working at Ford and on the 94/95/96 Mustang program. There really wasn't much to choose from for fun sports cars at Ford (I didn't like the pre-SN95 Mustang at all, it looked more like a covered riding mower to me), and everyone even in Ford felt the SN95 was a bagful of compromises (but this was excused, as this low-cost carrying over from the previous platform was the only way to justify/afford the Mustang, even though $$ was just beginning to roll in from the SUV boom). But it was intriguing because I almost had to force myself to like/love the Mustang, as it was my only viable option to own a sports car at the time from my employer. And with few options at the time, it wasn't impossible to convince myself to enjoy every Mustang test car drive/outing. I will say this though: The clay models of the SN95 sat a little lower than the production car, was a little wider, and the wheels fit into their wheel wells MUCH better than what went into production. The clays actually looked like a different model...if only the SN95 came out like that. The hellaflush NSX crowd would go into convulsions if they looked at a V6 base Mustang rear wheel inset/nega-flushness.... But I went into Ford a true Corvette fan, even though I was also very much an NSX/300ZX fanatic -- I just had to hide my love of those rice burners during my first half-decade at Ford, while the Corvette was "acceptable" since Ford made no close competitor at the time. Never wound up owning a Vette, and I don't mind it a bit - sitting in a C4 years after leaving Ford told me how awful it was and maybe how lucky I didn't buy that brand-new-off-the-showroom-floor 1993 Vette I promised myself I'd buy a year into my first job (which wound up being Ford), and driving friend's C5 felt like being in a tank compared to the NSX. Never got to drive a C6, though it looks a more well-put together than a C5...and I'd like to try a C7 sometime here.

Anyway. How'd you like your Saleen and what was great and no so great about it?

Trade for a '17 NSX brochure?
I have a shredder if you'd like to get rid of this stuff lol

You live too close to the Blue Oval mothership to be speaking such blasphemy!


I'm going to do a little online sleuthing this weekend and try to find the best www.MustangPrime.com type website of all the mustang/ford forums, where they see the golden fleece here and not just fleece...the same type of gold that would make an NSX owner pay $250 for a Brian Long book!

Original artwork from the '96 Mustang Cobra design team....gold I tell ya....gold!