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Advice please - 91 NSX

17 July 2006
Hoping to get some quick advice - I’ve found a 91 NSX with 15,000 miles. It looks absolutely brand new. According to service records it’s only oil change and new tires. Everything else is original. As I said car is perfect. Windows roll up and down. AC blows cold. Stereo is loud and sounds great. And the engine sounds perfect and it drives great as well. The transmission number is J4A4-1000260.

The car has never been registered or titled. It was owned by the owner of an Acura dealership and he used dealer tags. He’s passed away and family is selling.

What will I need to do to get it running reliably? Any other things I should check or be aware of? What is a fair price?

Appreciate any advice. Long time reader.
was sit always stored in a climate controlled environment ? There are alot of coolant hoses that may be too brittle to stand up to regular current use...Great find BTW!
Not many with these characteristics to use as comparables. So keep that in mind when valuing it. It's only been the past 12-18 months the values on these have really skyrocketed into 2x/3x+ territory. I'd say the pedestrian models have appreciated in the 20-50% range roughly speaking, but take a look at the registry posted above. It's excellent work, but I don't know how often it is updated.
My '91

By way of reference, I bought my 29k miles blk/blk '91 on BaT in late May for $67,500. Had it shipped from the east coast to me in AZ where it went straight to SoS for full major and all hoses replaced. Add new tires (OEM sized) and paint correction, detail, and SwissWax (chose NOT to PPF/Ceramic coat) and I'm in for mid to high $70's. Depending on service records/last major, your example with half the miles should be worth a few thousand more. Just mho.
I have a similar car that I acquired a few years ago. 1997, 23K miles. The car had been sitting a long time. Fuel had gone bad and the fuel pump was not working. I dropped the tank and replaced the pump and the fuel level sensor. I also changed all the fluids and had the valves adjusted, valve cover seals, timing belt, accessory belts, and water pump done. Timing belt and water pump looked perfect but I just couldn't risk it.

I would suggest changing all fluids, timing belt/water pump, belts, check valves, look at all rubber hoses, and get a new battery if it has any age. Keep it on a tender and enjoy.