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AEM on 91 with CTSC, CA smog legal?

12 August 2004
does anyone have any experience with getting a 91 with a ctsc and the AEM engine management system to pass california smog? Is this possible? are there any issues, concerns? Any info would be great.

If properly tuned it will pass the "sniff" test. However, if they are sticklers, you will fail the visual for the SC...they won't know about/see the AEM so that's not an issue. If you happen to know of a cool smog station, they can run a "dummy" run to see if it will pass the sniff test. Where are you in CA? I may be able to help :wink:

The CTSC is CARB legal, so that by itself shouldn't be an issue. It's the AEM and its tune that might be an issue. As Jeff mentioned, it's going to depend on the shop.
I have comptech CARB sticker on the firewall.

Are you running low boost or high boost with the AEM

Low boost most likely if you are using the stock injectors, if you switch to high boost with bigger injectors and other goodies (so the car won't run lean) if probably won't pass.