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Forced Induction Aerocharger Twin Turbo System

4 April 2011
Fountain Hills, AZ
What you see here is a complete twin turbo system for NA1 or NA2 Acura NSX. The system will include mid pipes, cold side inclusive of air cleaners, two (2) Aerocharger 53 Series 128 trim turbos, Borla exhaust, connectors, T-clamps and vacuum hoses with BOV. Every item will be tagged for placement so pipe end AA with match another pipe also labeled AA. I will even include your choice of injectors. I have RC 440 for NA1 and RC 550's for either NA1 or NA2. Choose one. The turbos are currently on their way back to Aerocharger to be completely refreshed and new gaskets will be supplied for intake and exhaust. I will also supply extra springs and shims for the controllers so that you can adjust boost pressure. This is a complete system but you should consider upgrading your fuel pump, engine management and add wide band O2 sensors. A professional tune will be required after install. I have had this system on both of my cars for the last 7 years. The hot and cold side plumbing can be had now and I can have Aerocharger send the turbos directly to you once they are done with their checkup. Local delivery can be considered. This is a very reasonable cost as each turbo is $2250 each currently. These turbos are by far the easiest plug and play solution as they are self-oiling and the boost controllers are integrated into each turbo. Zero turbo lag. Here is the Aerocharger website for more info, https://www.aerocharger.com/53series $4000 firm

As an added bonus, if interested you can also purchase the intercooler core that sits in the intake manifold. This part replaces your VVIS plate and when joined to an SOS, or similar, heat exchange system, will keep your IAT's at around +30 F over ambient. In other words, no heat soak and much easier tuning and greater power. Add $1000 for this core if interested. This is the same system I've been running for years, it is magical. Thanks for looking.
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What!!! You’re hanging it up!?

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Sale is pending and I have others in a back up position. Thanks for looking. I'll mark SOLD when completed.

This item has been SOLD. Thanks PRIME. Lock thread please.
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