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Aftermarket Exhaust Question.

1 April 2002
Alameda, CA, USA
I was ready to purchase the Anytime Borla exhaust system but just found out that it is no longer in production. If anyone out there is thinking about selling their Anytime exhaust, please contact me. My question is: Are there any other comparable exhaust systems around the same costs and hp increase, weight, sound and dual tips on each end? If so, please list them.
I like the Tubi exhaust but it is also out of production and from the looks of things in the group buy, it has been a nightmare.
My criteria is dual tips on each end. Moderate to medium sound levels. Relatively lightweight. Full Stainless steel. Decent amount of hp gains. Am I asking too much? :eek:
Litespeeds said:
I was ready to purchase the Anytime Borla exhaust system but just found out that it is no longer in production. :

Is that true??? Bummer... I was hoping to upgrade to that in a year or so.
The exhaust tips are a little smaller than what I like and doesn't quite line up correctly. Seems that it doesn't follow the curves of the car properly but then I could just be a little picky. :biggrin:

I use to own a Comptech and it was definitely louder but it also was alot lighter and felt like it gave me a little more horsepower. Since I installed the RSR, the car is quieter and that is a good thing but also noticed a slight decrease in the seat of the pants performance. Maybe the sound had something to do with it? Without dyno numbers, I am just guessing. :confused:

I've always liked the Tubi but felt the price didn't justify for its looks and performance. When I saw the Anytime, I was impressed with the numbers and thought I would upgrade to that at a later time. Didn't think it would go out of production so soon. :frown:
I bent the hangers a bit and it lined up a little better. However, the right tips still hang closer to the valence than the left tips, oh well. I'm still happy with my exhaust :biggrin: Looks factory and only slightly louder than stock (no trouble with the police due to noise--important to me since the police around here are really strict) :cool:

Thanks to the help of one of the NSX Prime members alerting me of an Anytime Exhaust that was for sale in the marketplace, I am now a happy camper. :biggrin:

I just hope this exhaust will perform like my Comptech, if not better, and give me similar sound levels of the RSR. I will keep my fingers crossed and hope this is the last exhaust I will ever buy for my car.

If anyone is interested, please e-mail me at [email protected] if you would like to purchase my RSR Exhaust before I post it in the marketplace. I would like to get $600 plus shipping for it. Thanks.

Congrats on the Anytime exhaust..I think it's a great choice..

I was going to try to make a feeble attempt at a witty reply on the other thread about your looking into the Tubi, but it wouldn't have come across right in written form. :biggrin:

I just couldn't wait for you any longer to sell your Tubi. :frown: I don't think you will ever get rid of it unless you sell the car. What other exhaust would you replace it with? :confused: It is just like the question of: If you sold your NSX, what would you replace it with? I guess that would really depend upon how much disposable income you have to play with. :rolleyes: :eek: :biggrin:

To be honest with you, the next mod I'm looking into is the Comptech headers, but I understand there may be a fitment issue with them and the Tubi.

If that happens, I won't have much of a choice but to get a different exhaust... maybe Comptech or Taitec. We'll cross that bridge if we get to it.

I just couldn't dump such a worrisome exhaust on someone I know! :biggrin:

I have Comptech headers on my car and if you'd like, I would be more than happy to test fit your Tubi for you as long as I can put some miles on it and enjoy it while I can. :biggrin: :eek: The only problem is that you might not get me to take it back off it it does fit. :tongue:

Seriously though, I haven't heard of any fitment issues as the Tubi bolts directly onto the cats and stock exhaust manifolds so I can't see any reason why it won't bolt directly onto the Comptech exhaust and cats as they will be in the exact same location. I guess it could be off just a millemeter here and there but that could be enough to make the Tubi exhaust tips not fit perfectly between the stock valence. Where did you hear that from?

The other thing you can do is to pick up a set of the stock exhaust manifolds from a 97+ NSX as those would be much cheaper and will benefit your vehicle as that is what I heard what Steve "Juejemon" did for his car. Maybe you should ask him about it. Again, that is what I heard as Steve's been keeping secrets from me and not telling me what upgrades he is doing to his car. :frown: :cool: