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Alan at NOPI

5 November 2002
I have to say its been a headache working with Alan:

Did he have the best price on the Bilsteins I wanted? Yes.
Are they here within 2+ weeks of ordering (the time he said they would be)? No
Can he tell me where they are? No
Would he even call Bilstein when I first asked for a tracking number? No
Has he got me a tracking number yet? No
Does he return my calls? Rarely

So I would say based off the customer service he has NOT provided, I would go elsewhere.

Not even sure, at this point, where these are or if they will arrive. I can tell you its been fun trying to schedule the install when I was told they would be here within a week. Funny my credit card was charged about 5 min after we spoke. :frown:
They are STILL not here. Starting working with Alan's management and did get a tracking number for 1 of the 2 packages.

What a serious headache. They blame it all on Bilstein, of course. :mad:
WOW:eek:that is a shame. I just ordered mine from him on 5-2-08 and they were here in about 2 weeks. I hope you get them soon or consult your credit card company. Good luck! If/when you get them, you will love them:smile:
Ordered a part for my E36 years ago and after numorous phone calls, emails, etc. I took about 6 months to get my money back. No car knowledge, operated by run of the mill, minimum wage employee's:wink: