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Alignment advice please

23 January 2006
I have read the archives. '92 n/a, eibachs shorter than usual=1 5/8" lower, OEM 16/17's/, OEM bars, under 2800#, just mounted Falken 615's. I just added the mono-balls rear beam bushings and toe-links and will limp to the alignment rack asap. I will run approx one track day and a few x-crosses/year, but I do want to stay optimized for dry street handling. I want zero tramlining and near OEM turn-in feel so I'm leaning toward near stock front toe, and since I do drive hard on the street (occasionally on cool tires), I'm thinking of keeping near early spec rear toe also to keep the rear planted. My quandary is with the camber settings: Rear- I've been running around 3 neg, any reason other than tire wear to reduce it a little? Front-My gut tells me to max out the front camber which I understand will probably be around 1 neg (?). Will I see any ill effects from this? Should I play it safe and stay with less camber? Does my toe reasoning hold up? Thanks all!
I'm no alignment expert, but from what I've heard and experienced, camber is not as strong a factor on tire wear as toe. When I ran Eibachs I experienced what I considered unacceptable levels of camber also. Check out this guy for camber correction hardware if you plan on keeping that set-up.

As for rear toe, I have heard that the toe settings cause more wear to the rear tires than camber. If I'm correct, NSX-R and early '91 settings are the most aggressive for toe. OTOH, those rear toe settings may be just what you want to "keep the rear planted" as you mentioned.

How about I simplify my original post. At what angle of front camber will I notice a negative effect on the street. I just put on 615's and want to max the front camber only to the point that the street feel stays razor sharp. Anyone know? FWI caster and toe close to stock. TIA