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Alignment at oakville Acura?????

11 December 2011
Ancaster on
Okay my car is scheduled there today at 11am
But they quoted me around 250??!!
Is this right ?????
Just did one on my Honda and it was 99
At the dealer is the nsx that much more??
At least Rob is doing it.
That is about right....the suspension is unlike any other Honda ever made, it is fully adjustable.

Don't forget you get the Club Discount of that price.

Well, the NSX is definitely not your normal Hondas. Due to it's precise handling there are more fine tuning. It will take longer to complete and the work is handled by licensed factory trained NSX tech. So you get what you pay for. You want the job done right the first time.

I will pop a line to Acura of Oakville as a reminder of the club discounts. Robert already knows. Have fun Dave!

No go for alignment car is too low.
Rob is great guy talked to him for a bit.
They are in the process of getting special ramps
Made hopefully in the next couple of weeks.
Let me throw in a plug for two other people who support the local motorsports community and should be able to give you great service if you need that alignment and can't wait:

Scott @ Can-Alignment. This man builds race cars, drives them, and does alignments on everything and anything under the sun. Classics, muscle cars, daily drivers, exotics, track toys... everything. He's the only alignment guy I've used in the past 10 years for a reason. He treats his equipment and your car like they're surgical instruments.

You can also check out Lou @ All About Imports. He's an ex-Acura tech and knows the NSXs quite well.