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All New Mercedes M-Class Test Drive at Monster Park

1 April 2002
Alameda, CA, USA

If anyone wants to test drive the new M-Class Mercedes, you can do so at Monster Park in S.F. Just go to the link above and register for the free event. Hopefully the courses will be bigger since there will be alot fewer cars than the Auto Show in Motion. Have fun!
Awesome! Thanks for sharing! :biggrin: Monster Park is my backyard! Less than 2 miles away from my home... See you there!
I enjoyed the Autoshow in motion, especially the Corvette. But I am not sure about this event. From the info I found, you will be driving the Mercedes cute-ute, on two courses. Driving an SUV around a cone-track doesn't sound like nearly as much fun, and you cannot even compare it to others. Am I missing something?

In the past, Mercedes usually sets up a real dirt / mud course and not like the one Auto Show in Motion did with the Hummer. That was sooooo weakkkk. Since it is free, it doesn't hurt to take a couple of hours out of your day to have a little fun and enjoy their catered food and leave with a Mercedes cap and other parting gifts.
:smile: Just came back from the event, it's pretty cool. Saw a red NSX with Type R wing, nice. Parked next to a Black Porsche 911 Turbo, and then me with my Toyota Highlander. The new M Class is pretty sweet, I might trade up my suv for that in 2 years. New cars might have bugs... I think I heard brake squeaking noises already... hmmm.. it's common for the M Class... taught they would improve on that one since they claim it's a rebirth. :confused:
i missed the event because i had to teach a class in Oakland. :frown: any freebie report? how was the course?