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altitude adjustments

2 March 2016
Hi Southwest Region,

I am a newbie, so please bear with my dopey questions here. I am looking into buying a 91, and have found an overwhelming amount of info here on the good, the bad, and the things to look out for.

One thing I am wondering about is altitude. I spend about half the year at sea level and the other half at 7000 - 9000 feet. Assuming many of you desert and mountain dwellers do the same, what adjustments are necessary? (I am not a DIY person, I just wanted to get a general idea so I know what to discuss with the shop guys.)

Thank you!!!
Here is ours at Pikes Peak on our cross country trip from 2015 NSXPO. Only my wife didn't let me go just by myself one more time down and up. We had no problems on our trip and met a lot of great people.
Best vacation ever. I wish we bought NSX earlier
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Hooray for the all-powerful ECU! It sees all and knows all.

prym8, thanks for the link to Will's photos of the road trip. It's a beautiful sight, especially where the NSXs are all lined up together.