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American Airlines

14 February 2003
south wales,UK
could anybody give me any info on this airline.standard of service,baggage allowance,food,etc,etc.
I am seriously considering flying out to NSXPO 05(are non-US board members allowed this year?) and this airline offers the biggest seat pitch of all the flights available(economy)but i really don't want to spend 14 hours on a plane that has crap service.
Also how far from the airport is the host hotel? I will be flying out on my own and having never been to any of these events before,i havn't got a clue as to the procedure :confused:
The airport is about 20 minutes from the hotel by car. I have never flown American Airlines so I can't help you there. Let me know if you need a ride from the airport to the hotel.
Jaytip, you would have better luck if this had been put in "NSXPO Unofficial" here on Prime. AA is standard affair as far as airlines go. Not sure what you are looking for in the quality of service category, but I feel that their service does not really differ from others when in economy.

You might want to contact the organizers of NSXPO to get a better detailed picture of our hotel access to the local airport. Likely, most of the local NSXers in Phoenix will jump at the chance to pick you up at the airport as is our hospitable way. :wink:
I was going to post in the NSXPO section but i figured because my post was mostly concerning the airline i would have a bit more luck here(more traffic)
i will also put a post in the NSXPO section asking what the usual routine is.

SCS2K,thanks for the offer,i really appreciate it.if i do end up flying over i will take you up on it.that's what i like about this community,people go out of their way(literally) to help others out.
I've flown American and British Air to the UK. I thought British Air's service was better, though, I thought the seating in American was better. British Air's flight was on a 747-200 I believe and the American flight was on a triple 7. I know British Air has direct flights - I see their 747's on approach from our shop almost every day (which is about 5 minutes from the airport). I'd prefer a direct if possible.

Hope to see you out here!

-- Chris
I don't think there's a whole lot of difference between airlines (and I've flown a LOT on many different airlines). They all give you a seat and check your baggage. The food is nothing that you would actually buy when given the choice. On its domestic flights, American has more seat pitch (space between rows of seats) than other airlines, and that's nice, I guess.

I would be a bit reluctant to buy a ticket on an airline that might cease operations before the flight occurs. No worry about that with American, which is one of the two largest airlines in the country.
As it so happens Ken,they offer 34" of pitch on their international flights as well, which is among the industries best.That is one of the reasons for considering them.I phoned a friend of mine earlier today(he works for BA)to see what sort of discount he can get me for the flight.
Is it the same this year as last year for NSXPO in that mr foreigner(me) is exempt from the charges?
I'd recommend the BA flight. Try get into World Traveller Plus, it's a better coach section, more room and bigger seats. See BA web site. Flight time is only 10+ hours (depending on jet stream) and it's a direct, non-stop flight from LHR to PHX. BA uses 747-400. Service is very good.