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American Lemans 7/17!!!!

21 January 2004
San Francisco
American Lemans 7/17!!!! @ Infineon!!!!


Wondering if anyone is going to attend? I'd like to get a group of us to park together! Last time it was a small group & they put us in different places. :frown:
Wondering if we can get enough to get a small corral for the NSX clan? :cool:
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How many went last year and how many woudl we need to get "corral" status?
Five us went only! I'm inquiring on that right now and also calling for the San Jose Grand Prix!! :biggrin:

their response:

Hi Rey:

It’s great hearing from you. Thanks for your inquiry. I have been trying for sometime to get the NSX’s here.

I have attached the flyer for our upcoming ALMS and IRL races. The only issue with this weekend’s race is our lack of space. We will have over 800 cars taking part in our corrals for ALMS. I would be happy to offer your group parade laps of the track for ALMS next year and possibly for IRL in August.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or require further information.

Brad Lawrence
Director of Ticket Sales
Infineon Raceway
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ok, i responded to him:

Thanks for your quick response. I know it's kind of of late notice, let's say if I were able to get maybe 5-10 I know of the immediate VIP parking and main entrance, if more than 10 anywhere else possible, say close to the vipers? Is there going to be a parade lap this year?

His response:
For that number you can park on Turn 11 with the Ferraris and Audi's and Vipers. Not sure about the laps as a club has to have a minimum of 20 cars for laps.

Come on guys! Let's get this going!!
From Brad:
You need to purchase the tickets through me and I can place the tickets and corral passes in Will Call. There will not be any signage for NSX due to the time constraints so you would just have to know to pull in there.

Does anyone have a sign? :confused:
That's the whole point, i'd rather park in the corral on turn 11, that's right up front next to the entrance, than in the dusty area's they've got for the corvette's. If we can get confirmation, i'll get the tickets asap, but i'd like to get confirmation first. :biggrin:
I don't have a clue on what exactly is the corral that you are referring to, but given that you are mentioning Turn 11, I'm guessing that's somewhere nearby the Wine Country Motorsports store.

I would need 2 tickets for the event. Send me a PM for further info.

2slow2speed ready to go!


anyone else?

we can all meet in sf since you'll most likely be passing thru my hood so we can caravan. :biggrin:
If we are guaranteed to get Corral parking then I am in as well! :biggrin:
Well, we're going on Sunday for the main event, but here's the breakdown:

Ticket Prices:
Saturday-$15 (regular $25)
Sunday -$30 (regular 40)

if we get enough NSX's we'll park in the corrall on turn 11.

just been informed that i would need to purchase the tickets by tomorrow!

If you'd like you can buy them directly thru him and mention that you're with the NSX crew and my name (Rey Torres). His email is Brad Lawrence [[email protected]]!

So far i only see:


Chopsjazz? u in?
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What's the time schedule, Rey? What time we meet, the race and what time it ends? It's not posted at their website.

OK, i spoke to Brad and this is what he's got to say:

"That’s fine in this instance. Parking is on a first come basis. Once the corral is full, cars are directed to general parking."

SO i suggest if we can move up the meet an hour early? :biggrin:

Also, i'll get the tickets for everyone as long as i have your confirmation & word that you'll be there, that way we can get locked in for sure. :cool:
I'll be coming in from Fairfield so I'll be taking Highway 80 to Highway 37. I would like to drive in with you guys though. Maybe I can meet-up with you guys somewhere in Marin/Novato. I don't mind driving the extra distance.
Well, i'll be getting tickets now for myself & 2slow2speed. Hope to hear from more of you soon! :cool:
Well I have confirmation: 2slow2spped 2 tickets & corral & myself. :biggrin:
Might have an open spot for the corral, but that depends on what time others show up & the corral is on a first come basis.
sorry i'm so late to the party. i'll be driving from sacramento. any more room in the corral? i really don't want to park it out in the dust pit. if not please let me know so i can take the truck instead. i'll also be going on friday. is any one else going on friday? -stoyo- 04 nsxt red/camel nsxca member #2224