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Angus AP-X Resonated Test Pipes vs 300 cell cats

30 August 2005
I bought Angus' Resonated Test Pipes and installed them on my NSX with a Tubi exhaust. It was loud. Real loud. It was still slightly raspy when on power and cruising but gave a very raspy sound on deceleration.

I pulled them and just installed Angus' 300 cell cats in their place. Love it. :biggrin: It is quite a bit louder than stock. I would say about 60% as loud as test pipes, but no rasp, no drone and just a very small hint of gurgling on deceleration. Just perfect IMO. I was contemplating whether to go 100 cell or 300 cell and I can say that I am very content with my decision to go 300 cell.

I'm sure the sound and how it effects the sound is different with each exhaust but for my Tubi I think the 300 cell cats was definitely the way to go.


This is still on my to do list...

Just debating the 100 or 300 cell option...

I take it you have no CEL problems...

How many miles have you logged with the new cats?


Cool man, wish i had went for the cats. I got the tp's and they are still new but have decided to stick with the cats since my mod direction changed.

I have these test pipes with the ARK DTX exhaust and the sound is fantastic, one the best mods I have done to date. It can be loud but in the car it is fine. I really love the sound it is intoxicating.