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Announcement: Nsxpo 2016 thread

24 March 2007
Hello NSXCA members both current and future!

The NSXCA and the Co-Chairs of NSXPO 2016 are looking forward to seeing you in:

From the Co-Chairs:

Guys, it's time to announce NSXPO 2016!

For the record Wei-Shen Chin and Ole Sorenson, co-chairs of NSXPO are planning an extraordinary event in...


So mark the dates of November 3, 4, 5 and 6 down as 'OCCUPIED' and mark them on your calendar.
With unique social events, track time at world renowned Sebring Raceway, accommodations planned at a brand new hotel and superb camaraderie with your peers (who knows maybe even a few of the 2016 NSX's will be there!) who'd want to miss THAT!?!

So, take the time to let your boss know you need the time off, put your funds aside, and gear up for some fun!

NSXPO 2016
Nov. 3-6

Ole & Wei-Shen
wow 10 years have past...seems like just yesterday we were all screwed up in the wrong sebring entrance:biggrin:
Looking forward to the event. Dates booked in the calendar .. check! Looking forward to to having the NSX caravan from NC to FL!



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I guess I'll be in Fla. twice this year. I always go to the Keys for the holidays. So what's one more trip? I'm in for sure. Awesome announcement.
Fabulous announcement! Dates are in my calendar for my second NSXPO. Much thanks to Ole and Wei-Shen for their efforts. :smile:
Sebring is not to be missed, its got everything except elevation changes....
Awesome! I've already cleared it with the boss and the boss (home and work) to be available Thursday-Sunday that weekend. I can help starting Thursday afternoon through Sunday morning of that weekend, and as my work week allows between now and November, with planning / coordinating, remotely from South Florida.

Wei-Shen, I'd be happy to instruct during the track activities so keep me in mind.

Looking forward to it; still kicking myself for not attending NSXPO in 2006 at Sebring, not long after I bought the car in 2005.

Hearty thanks to all contributing!!
I already started a NorCal caravan thread..............we can swing by and pick up LA people on the way to Phoenix and beyond...............

if I go to this one, I may clock up too many miles to qualify for the best NSX under 25,000 miles Concours prize. :wink::eek:
Warren, we can meet up with the NorCal caravan and head out. you game?

28hr drive for me. I am certainly interested in meeting you guys as it would be a much more enjoyable drive with fellow NSXers.
Any idea which route your caravan will utilize ?
Bah. I was in Orlando In August. Now I am going there in January. I don't think 3 times in 1.5 years is going to work. Also, the Canadian dollar is so bad it is like having a 50% on sale.
So I have to do the 15-hour drive from Cleveland twice this year. We were planning on Disney World in a couple months but I'd be happy to take my +1 to Florida again.
^16hrs (1,080 miles) here but it's my first one so, no regrets! LOL.

F it, I'm in.. Time for me to join NSXCA. Plus, you need a traveling partner right?