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Annoying Rattling Noise

24 March 2012
Bay Area
I hoped for this noise to go away by replacing the bearings in the transmission, and installing a new clutch. I had also the timing/water pump replaced. Anyways, so many $us later now I have this "rattling" noise which used to be louder before the endura light exhaust was installed, and I don't have a clue where it's coming from.
The noise gets louder after 3K RPM. Transmission and clutch jobs were done at Hilltop, and I am very confident Don did a great job. The timing belt/water pump jobs however were done at the dealership. Any ideas??? :confused:
Thanks in advance.

Sounds like the exhaust / cats are slightly touching the underside of the trunk. You did a good job on video and editing. New red seats??
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I second that is sounds like an issue with your cats, but since it is mainly happening when you release the gas it is probably the pressure rattling the connection between the cats and the header and exhaust. If you have someone feel for exhaust escaping from the connections it will tell you for sure. Many times new gaskets and o-ring crush gaskets will fix this. If not some exhaust goop will do the trick.
Thanks!! I will have my cats/header and exhaust checked. I will need an oil change soon anyways. Do you have any sugestions as far as a reliable NSX shop around the Bay Area that could help with this issue? I have been to Foreign Affair and they were very expe$$ive a bit more than the Acura dealer even, been to Hilltop and wasn't too impressed with the last job done on my car...:frown:
Fernando, any updates on this issue? Did you get it resolved?

How are you enjoying the Endura light exhaust?
If the exhaust is contacting something the fix is to loosen the motor mounts and rev the engine a few times to rock the engine then re-tighten. The procedure is listed in the wiki. Should be able to find it by searching for exhaust rattle.
@ Phoen$x, Unfortunately, I haven't had a chance to fix the rattling noise, but yeah I am truly enjoying Endura Light exhaust. It's just perfect (for my taste) it really enhances the deep baritone sound from the engine. Just the other day I took it for a drive to Lombard St in San Francisco and I got more attention than the street itself. I mean all the cameras were shooting at the car. NSX moment for sure. Thanks for checking in.
@ EdinKali, I will definitely look it up in wiki. But to tell the truth, the noise was already there before I switched the exhaust. If you hear the video in the first half with the OEM exhaust the noise was already there. The noise wasn't there when I bought the car though. The most previous job that I had done on the car before the exhaust was timing belt and water pump, so I am kind of shy right now to bring it to shop for a diagnosis test. I have put in quite a bit of money in the car so far. Don at Hilltop already checked the transmission and found no problems there either. But wiki should be able help. THANKS !!!