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Another BOSE amp repair source

28 January 2002
Saskatchewan, Canada
There have been a number of posts regarding the replacement of the NSX stock BOSE amps with other new, supposedly identical BOSE amps but winding up with mismatched sound. For those looking to have their BOSE amps repaired instead in order to maintain the stock equalization, I just had all 3 of mine done by Factory Car Stereo Repair in Florida (www.carstereohelp.com) for the advertised price of $290 and I am very happy.

I don't know them personally and had never dealt with them. Part of the reason I tried them was that I had read some forum posts about replacement amps failing shortly thereafter ..these guys have a 2 year warranty on all BOSE repairs. Before using them, I also sent an email question from their site which was answered professionally within 24 hours.

I noticed that they weren't mentioned in the BOSE repair section of the FAQ and I don't know how to get comments in there but some of the previous comments are getting dated so I thought I'd offer mine.

91 Blk/Blk