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Another Type S on YouTube

The exhaust at the 11:20 mark sounds so much better than the non-Type S cars. Is that the stock exhaust on the Type S or an aftermarket exhaust?
Never mind. Just got to 14:10 where he mentions it's an upgraded exhaust. :biggrin:

Anyone know what type of exhaust is on the car?
I’m guessing euroboutique made the CF trim. They have a pic on their site with the same start/stop button in the center of the control dial.


Here’s a screen capture from the video to compare.

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Look for many more parts on this blue NSX as we finish his huge order! His car has all MATTE CF parts, new have more on the way for him soon.

Glad to see the video, great job!

For those who want more info on the parts, you can visit our website and we also have a video on the Type-S on our channel too!