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Any ideas?

26 June 2000
Lauderdale by the Sea, FL, USA
Lately, while driving my car, I've noticed on a couple occassions that when I go to shift from 1 to 2 that the TCS seems to kick on and the green TCS light on the tach flashes. Tonight it flashed 3-4 times then went out... It has never happened before. I have replaced rear tires recently and it definitely never did it before. Is it possible that these tires suck so bad that a semi-aggressive shift is causing them to lose traction?? Any other ideas? At first I thought it was an engine thing as it seemed like a hesitation but it's definitely to do with the TCS. Tire size is the same as it has always been, by the way. I'm lost. Also, the front tires were not replaced although they should be soon as the insides are worn much more than the outsides. It doesn't seem to be during heavy cornering as much as it is during acceleration..... ok, I'll shut up and see what you come up with. Thanks guys.

Todd Arnold

Is it possible that these tires suck so bad that a semi-aggressive shift is causing them to lose traction??

Yes. What kind of tires are they?

Any other ideas?


1. It's also possible that the rear tires aren't gripping well because they're brand new. Typically tires need a few hundred miles to get broken in, and until then, they may be slippery.

2. You didn't mention what size the tires are, but the sizes may also be responsible. Remember, the difference in outer diameter of a tire from full tread to flat treadwear indicator bars is 2 percent. Added to tire sizes that may be slightly different from stock, that could be enough to cause the TCS to kick in - especially since the front tires have less tread than the rear.
The sizes are the same as they've been for 3 years so that's not it.

It could be if you've now got bigger outer diameter on the rear and smaller on the front, due to the difference in treadwear.

They are Nitto NT555's.

Not the stickiest tire in the world.

It could also be a combination of all three factors - the type of tire, the difference in outer diameter due to treadwear, and the "green tire syndrome".

Or, it could be that you're just getting to be more aggressive with the car.