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any local AUG,GA nsx owners around?

4 July 2004
Augusta, GA
Visiting my fam in GA and getting work done on my car...wondering if there are any local nsx'ers around?
yeah dude my dad lives in aiken and i'll be in augusta for the weekend. give me a call @ 803-665-4031
hey man..do ya know Joe from acura..he had 2 nsx's? well any ways not sure when my car will be ready but im having lota service on it, was heading back home sun but not looking like it, so maybe 1 day this wkd, ill letcha no...is your dads the white 92 supercharged?
lol...my dads.....ahh thats funny man. nah there are two chris's with white nsx's me...i still have the black top and chris with a full white comptech every damn thing. im usually at my dads on thee weekends and ill be in grovetown this weekend so give me a call. if i can a hold of the other chris perhaps we can get together.

and yeah i know joe hes pretty cool. cardell has a silver one and hes a pretty cool guy to talk to as well. what all are you having done??
hey I asked Joe to get some guys 2gether for this wkd if he can...we're c..long shot..i wish i would have planned all this b4...clutch/flywheel..alignment,valves,timing belt, water pump, and some minor other stuff, should prolly have car out tom then its to the alighnment place and then i gotta detail it, do the brakes and calipers, and now im looking for new rotors/brakes...and sometime after all that i gotta drive home! if worse comes to worse, next time im back up this way we're all def get together! otherwise if ya ever in FL drop a line
yeah dude you need brakes!