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Any NSX-ers in KL, Malaysia ??

25 July 2004
Houston, TX
Wondering whether there's any NSX owners from KL here .. I'll be there for a few weeks soon and would like to meet NSX owners there (and also see the RHD NSX first hand .. :biggrin: )
I saw some Ferrari-s and Lambo-s there last time .. but didn't see any NSX-s.

Cheers .. Gus
I did go to Australia in 2003 ... but .. that was before I got my NSX ... :smile: .. but .. that time it was one of those trips where all I could do was work .. hardly any time to play ...
BTW, .. I was in Perth & Sydney .. I had to say that I like Perth a lot .. even if it's quite small compared to Sydney or Melbourne ..

Cheers mate .. Gus
I lived there for 5 years...

There is no NSX club in Malaysia.

The only NSX's in Malaysia are private imports, they were never brought into the country, any in Malaysia are usually from Japan.

I saw 2 in that 5 years... So you will be lucky to see one!

Of the 2 I saw, one imola orange (I think) had a wild wide-body kit on it such that I had to go and have a close look to make sure it was actually an NSX... The other was Red with chrome wheels. :rolleyes:

To have any chance at all of seeing one, you will have to go to the nightclub areas where they have a posing strip... Like Bangsar

Even if you don't get to see an NSX... Plenty of eye candy in the form of extremly beautiful girls... :biggrin:
Just got here in KL this morning .. and right after I got out of the airport .. saw a red Lotus Elise on the freeway .. and ... closer to KL .. saw a Red Ferrari 360 and a yellow one! One of the 2 was the spyder .. couldn't remember which one!!

As for the 'extra' sights, .. I went to lunch at KLCC (the shopping mall below the twin towers) and saw quite a few beautiful females during lunch rush hour ... :biggrin: ... We'll see about Bangsar and the nightclub scene ....
On the downside, ... it's bloody hot out here!!

Cheers .. Gus
You must be loving it out there! I will be going this 3rd week of June to watch the JGTC at Sepang Intl circuit. I can't wait! I was there last year fot the F1 in March.

My home-home is KL but I now work and live in the UK. :smile: NSXs are so damn rare in Malaysia.

Thought I would revive this thread as I am back working in KL again...

I would be keen to meet any up with any fellow NSX'ers in Kuala Lumpur for coffee/dinner/drinks whatever... If there are any on this forum...

PM me if you want!