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Any opinions on Sound Deadening & Eclipse Speakers?

3 April 2004
East Bay
Hi there, i've decided to upgrade the stereo system (alpine's mp3 changer is great and an easy swap, but the half functional oem head unit just doesn't do it for me anymore. if you are going to do something, do it all the way! the stock sys is too past century. it's april 2005 already! :eek: )

anyways, with GREAT help from Ken (da Stereo/Electronic headmaster and Elvis of the forums - A HUGE THANKS!!) i haved started the project few weeks ago.

i've modified the stock console and painted red to match the color of my car. i'm now in the process of buying speakers. i've listened and liked the ECLIPSE SC8264 6.5" COMPONENT SPEAKERS. wondering anyone has any experience to share with Eclipse speakers.

also researching for sound deadening mats now, any recommendation or good deals?

Thanks for sharing!

- Shane
McMaster-Carr used to sell a product 9709T18. It was Dynamat without the Dynamat logo on it, I mean it is exact and cost about $1 a square foot. My Civic has a combination of Dynamat and the stuff that McMaster-Carr sells and you cannot tell the difference. If you go to their WEBSITE you can do a search on that old product number and it will take you the replacement product which is a polymeric adhesive backed mastic part number 9709T19.

I recommended it to my neighbor and he went and picked it up and their warehouse here in SoCal. He really liked the material but he said you had to get it real hot before it was really pliable. Other car audiophiles have used this in the past and if you search for the new part number 9709T19 on google, you will find a ton hits with various links that contain pictures and testimonials. I've read that 9709T26 is thinner and more pliable but also costs a tad more...

Buying this stuff, you'll save a lot of dough...