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Any opinions on the Wings West kit?

I believe the WW kit (with the exception to the rear spoiler) is a nice complement to the NSX without being obscene. I actually installed just the front lip as I never liked the black plastic chin spoiler on a red car. I purchased the lip already painted from WW. Took less than 20 minutes to install, and the paint matches very well. JMOICBW.
I have the full wings west body kit(minus the rear trunk spoiler), and I think it's really nice. It's not too dramatic, and like mentioned above, compliments the NSX very well. I have it on a black car, and when people see me coming down the road, their jaws are dropping!

I have the front lip on my car and plan on getting the rest of the kit soon. I like it because its tasteful and not over done, like some of the others. Also its cheap, compared to some of those imported kits.
Some of us (including myself) would indeed refer to it as "overdone" and even "obscene". But looks are (just as your title suggests) a matter of opinion. If YOU like it, get it, and don't worry whether some people don't share your O.
Originally posted by sgeorge:
It seems to be a nice addition without getting too wacky looking.

I recently added the kit and like the way it looks, but that is personal opinion. From a technical perspective, the kit fits very well, especially the side skirts.

'98 NSX-T Blk/Blk
· Comptech headers / exhaust / airbox
· Dali Racing / Brembo big brake kit
· Koni adjustable suspension w/Comptech springs and sway bars
· Volk TE-37 17/18” wheels
· Wings West side skirts and rear spats
i have the wingwest on mine and i love it. i really like the sideskirts the best. i'm a big fan of the looks of the f355 with the 2 sidevents it doesnt look like a tacky body kit that you would see on a civic.
just dont put the wing!
good luck
Paul M
I must have got a bad batch.

I have the sideskirts. The fit quality is terrible.

-- Chris


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fit quality is not great but you'll manage. As for the look it is a matter of opinion but my feeling seem to match most in that the kit is subtle and not overdone and compliments the lines of the car, especially makes the front look better.