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Any shop in Edmonton to install Coilovers?

15 July 2007
Anybody know of any shops to install coilovers? Westend doesn't do aftermarket. I don't want to go to Southview. Thanks.
When you need them done?..

Trev has to install his suspension pieces as well. I believe he is going to attempt a DIY... Maybe you 2 can get some male bonding time in and DO IT together ????:biggrin: :biggrin:

I installed mine and it wasn't that bad... and that was before the hoist were coming...
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Yeah, as long as we get to use Eddies Tools!!!
Mr. SnapOn, has lots of shiny things in his box.
Stuff I've seen that I will not talk about even to my closest friends.
Hey Dave, Can you call me at work. Give me your new number.
Your cell dont work no more.
Here is an exhaust to look at.
Nice sound man.
Maybe I can get his wheels for me and the exhaust for you.