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Anybody disappointed in Bar-Honda this year?

13 October 2004
I know Honda really wants a win this year in F1, but their reliablity is horrible; not to mention their pace compared to Renault, Mclaren, and *gasp* even Toyota.

It seems Honda is going for raw power which surprises me considering the Nsx is about balance and agility. This is leading to mechanical failure left and right.

I hope they get their act together so that maybe Honda will release a new Nsx to celebrate a win. However, I do believe Toyota may see a win before Honda does which sickens me.
In a word: Yes.
But the Ferrari afficianados must be in a state of shock!

Renault is very impressive as is Alonso. Did you notice how little their Michelin tires wore down on the Renault compared with Ferrari's Bridgestones?
Pretty weak for a team that finished 2nd in the constructors last year. Then again Schumi hasn't exactly been lighting it up. :confused:

Oh well maybe they have time to turn it around, only been 2 races.
T thought that BAR Honda would come out guns-a-blazin' this year. What a disappointment so far. However, the season is young yet.
Very disappointed! They might actually lose to Manardi this year. If they keep this up, I can easily see Honda pulling out of F1. I will put money on it!
Disapppointing would be an understatement. :frown:

The season is still early, but so far Honda and Ferrari look silly. Renault and Toyota look impressive.
Very disappointed! They might actually lose to Manardi this year. If they keep this up, I can easily see Honda pulling out of F1. I will put money on it!

I don't know about Minardi, although I do hear they are getting a 100+hp boost with new Cosworth engines on the way ;-)

You really think Honda may pull out even though they just put in a 45% stake with Bar? If anything I think they would fully take rein of Bar and be independent like Toyota and Ferrari.

As for this season, I pretty much have wriiten it off though its only been 3 races. I see the rules are just too silly and hardly favor racing and over-taking. Its more of a "who can conserve engine/tires/wear better".

On a side note...Toyota's reliablity scares me. I think last year they did not have any blow-ups (correct me if I am wrpng); they just didn't have pace. This year they are relaible and fast. If Honda can just win before they do, then the season is salvaged, at least for me.
I agree with K.O.

There is to much cred on the line for Honda to pull out of F1 with Toyota on the rise. I'm willing to make a prediction. If honda doesn't finish in the top 4 for constructors, they'll buy out B.A.R's stake. If they do, they will buy it out later.
hmmm... Alot of the circles I've been in the company of as of late- have been saying B.A.R. Honda is simply paying its dues for its premature plans for the future. I believe in 2006 or 2008 (can't recall, sigh) that the engines will be downgraded to V8's (not the current V10's; yeah Williams BMW isn't too happy w/ that! :tongue: ) and other MAJOR rule changes. B.A.R. Honda is banking on those changes and a clean slate to be on a level playing field w/ its contemptoraries. This also seems on par w/ JButton's vague yet poignant verbal blasts at the engineers & technicians on the team; he insinuated that reliability seemed to be compromised and not the priority... in so many words.

All I know is when I was growing up, my mama said she didn't raise no one to finish second. Honda I feel has this mantra too. Last years second place finish for the constructors championship showed they are for real. Also a handful of podium finishes showed the prowess of its drivers & cars ability to take it to anyone. But, they unfortunately also recognized they were in all actuality the best of the rest, nowhere near the zenith of Ferrari. Now w/ F1 teams facing radical changes in car & engine specs in the upcoming year or so, I personally believe this season is more-or-less a continuation of testing. Of-course to prevent B.A.R. Honda from sinking into an abyss of mediocrity amongst its peers, I think the engineers/techs will put together a package few times this year to grab an occasional podium finish or be competetive (ie. at Silverstone & Suzuka before their 'home' audiences).