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anybody notice? anybody like?

Casper91 said:
I notice your avatar everytime you change it.
I like the Matrix stuff you do the most.


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I like the avatars you make for me the most. I just wish you didn't charge so much! I'm not made of money! :biggrin:
You should make one with tire tracks running over Neo :)
Find a parking lot near a 4 or more story building.Do a burnout spelling N E O. Go up to the top of the building and take a photo for your avatar. That would be cool, especially making the O.
whatabout this one, Neo?!?

hmmm... I guess this avatar is most relevant to me... :: sigh :: :redface:


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haha... yeah, that avatar would be competitive against <B>donwon</B>'s. :)

i got bored with the burnout avatar... already.... so i've changed it.