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Windshield washer hose routing question

8 January 2017
South West Florida
My windshield washer nozzles haven't worked correctly since having the car repainted. Since they work fine when the hood is raised but just dribble when it's closed I'm assuming there is an issue with how the hose is routed by this hinge.

Can anybody tell me what looks wrong here? Am the hose mis-routed or am I missing clips?


The tube is routed incorrectly. It should not be laying under the hinge like that- it will get pinched. It's supposed to be routed to the side. I'll grab a pic of mine tonight and post here.
Your routing is mostly correct. However, the hose should run along the outside edge of the reenforcing rib of the hinge tucked up close to the base of the hinge. That plastic clip in the photo is out of position by 180 deg. That 1/2 loop on the clip which is currently doing nothing is supposed to clip on to the rib of the hinge and then the clip holds the hose against the outside of the hinge.

Washer hose.jpg

On my 2000, right at the top of the hinge there is a plastic 90 deg corner fitting for the hose that pushes into the end of the hinge reenforcing rib. When your incorrectly installed clip is installed correctly the hose lines up in a nice straight line along the side of the hinge.