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Anybody Up For A Mountain Ride?

Weather and work has kept me from driving much if at all.How about Sunday May 10?
I spoke with Eiffel and he would like a relatively early start. How would 9:30am meeting at the Chevron at 400 & 60 in Dahlonega be and then we can stop for lunch in Lake Burton which has a nice restaurant open air overlooking the marina.
I have to bail.Mothers day commitment is starting earlier than anticipated....bon chance mes amis!
Mountain drive

Have a fantastic time you all,the weather will be amazing,i wish I could go but I will be busy with work all weekend and also I am changing the clutch on the NSX ,I went not long ago with a friend of mine and we had a blast


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So sorrrryyyyyy...
got late start, loads Mother day Mountain traffic, no gps/tech issues
but it was fun trying to catch up to you guys:wink:
next time best to exchange cell #
and I PROMISE to be there early with donuts & detail cloths!!!!
Hope u had fun!
I'm late to the game, but I've messaged Bob about possibly getting together this weekend, be it for a drive or just lunch.