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Anyone go from 997 GT3 manual to NSX? Need a owner's opinions, rather quickly…

11 October 2016
I have a few cars in the garage and would need to liquidate my 2007 GT3 manual that I recently acquired. I have some experience with porsche GT cars but what attracted me was the manual transmission, of course, And the naturally aspirated whale to 8000 RPMs... porsches are great because they blend in if you don't want the attention but the GT3 doesn't look any different than a Boxster to 99% of the public( I know this is contradictory to what I previously stated but it would be nice if you have a special car that it is a little bit more special than an entry-level car) I routinely don't buy cars for looks or exposure otherwise I would probably have a green Lamborghini, but rather for the driving experience.

I doubt I have many track days in the next several years, but, I'm concerned about switching to the NSX and being disappointed by losing the rawness factor .... has anyone made the switch, I've been presented a deal today that is nearly impossible to pass up and I figure I can just lease the vehicle and turn it in if I don't like it ..... my GT three is a relatively low mileage, 17,000 mile , hi spec, highly customized interior and probably wouldn't be able to find one again that easily, (this one took me about a year of searching)

Anyone out there been disappointed going from a Porsche GT car to an NSX?

I don't care very much about quarter-mile times etc. but would consider a track day if it presented itself.

Trying to make a decision tonight.... being located near the plant I have a strong affinity for Honda having owned S 2000, itr and 92 nsx....I don't want this to be a Honda fanboy decision though. Much appreciated for opinions
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I would think for someone in your shoes the only way to make the decision is to test drive the NSX then you will have your answer one way or the other.
If you decide not go get the NSX, please forward the deal along if it's a great deal :) I've been shopping around but can't strike a good deal.

Anyways, You should test drive one!
Personal decision. Tough to advise.

I did not go from a GT3 to my NSX, but I went from a manual 2015 911 GTS to the NSX.

Performance wise, the NSX kicks the GTS' ass. And it feels very special comparatively. Never had people whip out their camera phones for the Porsche.

Probably the biggest difference is the size. The NSX is much smaller, but much wider and lower. Inside, the NSX is much tighter. Porsche felt much more spacious inside.

As far as tranny goes, the manual GTS was great. It was a decently fast car, and manually shifting gears added to the experience. The NSX shifts very fast, and accelerates even faster. Blink and you're going 100 mph.

Not sure if my rambles here will be of any help...
Axlrod that helps a lot, did you miss shifting?,Did your GTS have the optional power kit, I also have a 2014 991 anniversary that is a PDK and it's pretty quick certainly not NSX quick but just trying to compare
All GTS cars have the X51 power kit, so my car had 450hp. The NSX has almost 150 more than that, so big difference.

I do miss shifting sometimes; probably when I'm doing more of a " 7/10 cruise" than a "10/10 drive-like-you-stole-it drive". If that makes any sense.

The overall NSX experience is much more enjoyable than any shifting I have ever done.

All that being said, your GT3 is almost irreplaceable should the NSX not be for you. Tough decision.
Ahhh yes. Forgot about the gts standard powerkit. Im thinking i have enough porsches. Maybe spice it up a bit.
The NSX Dual Clutch transmission is fantastic - It is so good I really never have the urge to use the paddles..... The computer knows what you want, and shifts accordingly.
First post here.

Agreed in principle on a deal for a MY17. Trading my Ferrari 360 6spd in on it. I have a 997.1 Turbo 6spd. Have to drive the NSX tomorrow before committing. Reason I am getting rid of the Ferrari is it doesn't get driven much because we do mostly city driving. Stick shift in that car is also a pain in the butt in traffic. NSX will be more friendly for this. Wife drove NSX 2 days ago. She drives all our cars. Says it is faster than Pcar and very comfortable on our terrible roads. She quite liked it. Has also driven McLarens, etc.

I think the NSX and GT3 are somewhat opposed in experience and purpose. Will confirm that tomorrow. For now, I would say it would depend on the rest of your cars as to what to do. I'd try to keep both if I were you.
My wife sat in it and she thought that the lack of up and down seat positioning was an issue, and she's not short by any means...tbuff very interested in your impressions after driving especially since you have a 997
My wife sat in it and she thought that the lack of up and down seat positioning was an issue, and she's not short by any means...tbuff very interested in your impressions after driving especially since you have a 997

Hilarious. This is also the thing I am most worried about. I am the pickiest bastard in the world when it comes to seat positioning. I sat it in in the showroom and there's no height adjustment i was like WTF. This may be a big factor but will have to drive tomorrow to find out. Every car seat I am super finnicky with...well I say that, ...but I just realized I've never adjusted my 360 seat height. McLaren has the best drive positioning of any car i've ever been in. It's incredible. But the 570S is an extra $70k over the NSX and no local dealers. 720S unreal but $160k++ more. Not sure it's worth that for a guy like me who can't ball quite that much.

Can you keep that GT3? I wouldn't give up my 997 Turbo 6 spd for anything. It's the perfect all around car. I'm hoping the NSX is the evolution of that, as we've realized we don't like 'drama' or 'raw' cars - but some might describe 997 as somewhat 'raw'.
The NSX Dual Clutch transmission is fantastic - It is so good I really never have the urge to use the paddles..... The computer knows what you want, and shifts accordingly.

So smooth and fast it feels like the automatic in my wife’s QX80. Good for DD duty though.....
I drove the car and committed to my 360 trade. Here are my thoughts. I also brought along a friend who has experience.

-car is very fast. back end will wiggle too...
-height adjustment a non issue for me at least, which I was surprised by. I am pretty picky with driving position.
-ride comfort is out of this world, yet the handling is incredible.
-found it more relaxed than a 570S
-exhaust note not as good as Ferrari NA V8 but that's obvious.

The only thing people could complain about this car is the price point, and possibly exhaust. Nothing even close that has looks, speed, comfort and reliability for the discounted $150kish price. Anything else will have 2 or 3, not all 4.

I drove my 997tt on the way home. It felt slow and archaic and didn't handle as well.

997 and NSX are very different. I think they contrast each other nicely. If I didn't have kids...the NSX would be my DD. I will drive it when I don't need to take my kids anywhere. But at the same time I would miss the 997.

I think you should try and keep both. That's my plan.
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I went out yesterday and drove a bunch of cars because we had great weather, I drove my 996 TwinTurbo just to remind myself and honestly it's really a pleasant car and a fun car to drive, I love the turbo Low end Grunt but it's definitely showing it's age.

I had a 997 GT two prior to my current GT three and that car was ready to kill me at every outing... albeit in a very fun way, probably every bit as fast as the NSX at least from a roll but completely different delivery.

I think Seating position for me was borderline 1 inch too low, I'm only 510, and might be used to the more upright sitting in the Porsche cars

My wife's anniversary has the 18 way adjustables and it's hard not to find a good seating position with that much adjustability.

Maybe I need to go out and drive one again, The lack of a clutch pedal is still concerning for me.

Looks wise there's no comparison this is an exotic supercar

thanks for the review I might just end up getting both and then deciding after owning them for a few months the GT3 is not a terribly difficult car to sell
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