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anyone happen to have stock speaker enclosures?

31 July 2001
Boston, MA
When I put in my aftermarket speakers, I made a template much like D'Ecosse and screwed and glued it to the back of the original enclosures to make it a sealed enclosure. Well, I never completed my project, I've been living without tunes now for a couple of years and I just want to go back to stock. So, I'm looking for:

L and R back half of the plastic speaker enclosures
both halves of the "sub" enclosure

Don't need the speakers or amps.

BTW, I'll be putting up my touchscreen VGA that's integrated into the JDM Navpod shortly if that appeals to anyone, I need to get pics first. I was using it for a PC monitor by connecting it to the laptop I had behind the passenger seat. It's 7" widescreen and runs at 800x480, so DVD, PC based GPS and just Windows in general all look great.
Hi Rob
Some quick notes - the OEM enclosure is not really sealed - the complete enclosure is actually a ported design (the port is on the front half of the shell)
The volume afforded by trying to use the rear half of the shell is "not much" & not sure how practical it is with a larger speaker. I don't think there's anything like enough suitable for that application as the box (& whole at that) was designed for something completely different. I really abandoned the idea of using the shell and only did one initial install that way. My purpose initially was not to create an enclosed medium, just to use it for mounting purposes - I had to cut the backs off to clear the large magnets anyway!
I think you're much better off just using the mounting plate by itself. If you want to ceate an "infinite" baffle, just stretch your dynamat across the surface of the plate onto the surrounding door skin.
i had kind of come to the same conclusion myself after destroying my plastics :). you should have seen me trying to jam an nd10 into the stock 'sub' box :). obviously it didn't work after all sorts of trim ring designs.