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Anyone have a good source for outer tie rod ends?

19 July 2022
Hi all. New to the forum. Picked up a 40,000 mile '91 NSX in May and been going through it since. The mechanics found that the outer tie rods need replacing so they ordered new parts from Acura, but the parts they sent have a much smaller diameter ball end than stock, so those are shipping back and we're trying again. I'm hoping someone has a source for parts that doesn't require shipping from Japan. If I wait on Acura there'll be a foot of snow on the ground here before we get them.

Thanks in advance for any ideas!

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I ran into the same issue and ordered a set from Rock auto, arrived in a few weeks. Just got an alignment and had no issues with them at all. Edit: That said when it comes to old Honda stuff I've had to send back a GSR master cylinder because they sent the LS version, so no guarantee, but they do have stock.
Glad to know there are other options out there.

I've also had some luck on Ebay with BNIB Honda/Acura parts in a pinch as well.

Rock Auto looks out of stock.

Amayama has a delivery date of 25-28 oct for left.
Nov 15-Jan 3 for right

A decent seller on Ebay has a set for a 30% markup, delivery 0ct21-31. $130, but free shipping from Japan
Ebay link to OEM part

Mita doesn't list any but you could call?

I couldn't tell delivery for the Carbon 6 parts, give them a call I guess.
Turned out they were out of them, but I found OEM tie rod ends on Ebay. thanks again for all the info!