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Anyone have Leland-West Insurance coverage for their NSX

27 May 2006
West San Gabriel Valley Area, CA
Leland is one of those agreed upon replacement cost insurance companies that pays your the amount both parties agree upon in the event of total loss of your car.

I'm going through the initial application process. The reason why I'm interested in this company is that they appear to be a little more lenient when it comes to commuting to work on occasion and other similar uses that are not covered by their competitors. They do not appear to have any problems with modified cars and their use on the track; but, like all insurance companies, they do not insure your care when on the race track. Although, interestingly they do have policies for unregistered race cars.

The policy I'm apply for includes high dollar collision and liability coverage, uninsured motorist coverage and an agreed upon values of $90,000 for my 1997 Spa Yellow NSX with moderate to heavy handling and interior and exterior aesthetic modifications (see my build page at http://www.nsxprime.com/forum/showthread.php/190361-MCano-s-97-Spa-Yellow-Build).

Anyway, if you are currently insured with this company or have been insured with them in the past, please provide your opinions and experiences. Below is a link to their web site if you are interested in their policies:



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I have my NSX insured with them and I think they're great! I acquired the X after my 911 was totaled in a collision with a large deer. They paid the full agreed value with no argument; in fact I had an inflation rider on the policy which I wasn't even aware of, and they paid about 10% above the agreed value. They're not an insurance company, just brokers, and the actual insurance in my case was/is provided by American Home. They were diligent when I first applied for the 911 coverage in 2001, wanting a number pf photos, a copy of the bill of sale, and photos of the garage where it would be stored, along with proof of a security system. They since have become more lenient and I've never had to provide any of that on the X. I can pretty much drive the X any time and any place I want and as far as I know there's no annual mileage limit.