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Anyone have Roku or Streaming Netflix?

5 November 2002
I happen to think this is about the best idea since sliced bread. Unlimited streaming HD movies for $9 a month right to your TV? Wow!

Im looking into a new BlueRay player with streaming Netflix. I wonder if anyone on here has the Roku machine or one of these new BD players?

My download speeds average about 12 Kbps so thats good. I had read you really need 3-5 for constant good quality feeds.

Any thoughts or ideas are appreciated!
Do you use the wireless feature on the Roku box? what do you think? easy to setup?

we got our roku 2 days ago and i began to set it up and discovered wireless on m router wouldn't enable. my take is it's a loose nut on the keyboard (me) and i'll set it up tomorrow. our oldest son and his family have it and love it; likewise 2 of our friends love it, too.

seems like a no-brainer, especially for multi-room viewing where cable / network isn't a key factor.
I just got a Samsung blu-ray player w/ Netflix -- everything works perfectly and video quality is good. Netflix should have most titles available for streaming by the end of the year, so the video selection is decent and growing. Go for it.
BDP 2550. It was $350 at Best Buy and online in Feb.

BTW -- I looked at both the XBOX (has integrated Netflix) and the PS3 (has blu-ray but not integrated Netflix). Bought the PS3 and getting the Netflix to stream through a separate browser was a complete PITA. Returned the PS3 for a dedicated Blu-ray player w/ Netflix and have been really happy.
I had the Roku M-1000, it was fairly old as I purchased it when they first came out. I used it for a while. I have since moved and I am building a new system now amounst other things which has kept me off prime for a while now, :D. Getting a lot done. Getting ready to lay the floor in the new man cave tonight after everyone goes to sleep. The place is looking great.

The Roku works well but I too had problems with the wireless connection going in and out, oh and the dog knawed through the remote too.
I have the Roku Netflix Player with the $9 subscription. I have it set up in the mbr and it uses the wireless signal from my Linksys Router. It Rocks! These are going to do to DVDs what the iPod is doing to CDs - make them extinct.

CDs are fading fast and DVDs are going to follow them soon.