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Anyone here getting a Rivian?

I had the most powerful 3 row suv until friggen..........In my best Capt Kirk scream..." Riviannnnnnnn"
i3 was great for it's time. It's dated now in both range and technology. Shame.. because it's a great platform.

The current iBMW products are apparent quite good. The i7 is evidently incredible in all aspects, but I have no personal experience. I know for a fact that the BMW X series was used as one of the benchmarks for the R1 series. This is heresay (hint hint) but there were some things about the X they didn't like and went the other way on philosophy for the R1. I haven't driven any newer X series so i can't say. I will venture to guess though... That the R1T (can't comment on RIS) will be more comfortable and more sporty than the X in it's proper setting. Oh, one thing that worried me about the R1T. The air suspension is leaky. Many complaints of air suspension leaks causing their R1 to be dumped on the ground by the morning before work. Reminds me of early Tesla, Mercedes, & Range Rover air suspension products...

I just took delivery of the Standard Range Model Y last week. It's probably the best appliance product as far as EV goes. Still has it's pros/cons but I mostly took the plunge because of the charging infrastructure and the Autopilot technology. It's got a lot of suboptimal features like the suspension is firm. Great for sporty driving but pretty much kidney busting for the 95% of what I need it for. If I can find the motivation to swap dampers.. there are some out there.

I'm still very much looking forward to the R1S. I just hope that in 10 months or so... when we get that email that it's my turn... they would have improved the suspension. I probably mentioned this already but the R1T had a lot of R&D spent on it. The R1S was like a bad copy/paste job. If the Driver Assist on the R1S doesn't improve.. I doubt i'll be taking delivery until it does.

If I was retired, I still would probably take the R1T in a heartbeat. It's truly a Go-Anywhere vehicle. You felt invincible in it yet, it was super comfortable, versatile, and luxurious in a PNW kind of way.
Being taken private would be a tall order for any PE, VC group...maybe a big player like stellantis...
Totally agree. Rivian and Lucid seem to be the best EV start ups and they are both a long way from profitability despite not having all the headwind of legacy OEMs like ancient factories designed to build ICE cars, calcified management and engineering, and the UAW. It’ll be interesting to see how much pain the Saudi PIF is willing to endure with Lucid despite the fact that their investment is a rounding error for them. They appear to be doubling down on the bet by building a factory in Arabia.
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