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Anyone know about a 92 White NSX in Cali?

22 April 2002
I saw an ad for a 92 White 6 speed NSX at a dealer in Marina Del Rey for $30995 the other day so I decided to check it out.

It was actually a 5 speed with a very shady past. The bolts around the engine area that look like they hold the body panels on had the paint stripped off of them so they were removed for some reason. Is there any reason why someone would remove those?

The gas cap didn't open right, the spoiler was mounted crooked and somewhat recessed, the lower part of the dash on the driver side was sagging. The lower portion of the front and rear bumper was painted silver so it was an ugly two tone silver white colored car. The car looks like it may have been repainted as well. It does have a clean title and is out of snap ring range.

The dealer wanted 28k after talking to him for a while. But after seeing the Carfax report, the car has been sold through 3 auctions in the past 4 years. It failed smog back in 94.

My guess is that the car has been in an accident. Just wondering if anyone knows anything about this car in particular.

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It's the dealer right across the street from where I bought my white 92. I see it when I pass by every so often, but never stopped to take a look at it. Is there something you would like me to stop by and check on it?
I would pass on this one.....the history worries me...it looks repainted, been through auctions...there are alot more cleaner well babied early years out there on the recycler and autotrader last time I checked...

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