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Anyone know anything about this NSX? JH4NA1153MT000953

Re: Anyone know anything about this NSX?

Looks like it has been in an accident. Run a Car Fax.
Re: Anyone know anything about this NSX?

does anyone here know who used to own this NSX?


Mileage: 68,288 miles
Location: Houston TX

Vehicle Information
VIN: JH4NA1153MT000953 |

I looked at that car like ten years ago and test drove it, and it has been for sale ever since! It has been cosmetically modified, but it was so long ago I don't remember the quality of the work. The owner's name is Steve and he owns a local used car lot, the auto exchange, here in Houston. It had about the same mileage on it when I looked at it, which I guess may make sense since he probably has a lot of other cars to drive. I think he is firm on his asking price because otherwise he would have sold it, but I also notice he lists the car on craigslist every single week, sometimes twice a week or more, and sometimes the price fluctuates. He also lists a yellow one with the same wings west body kit, you can probably go to craigslist and see it even now.
Re: Anyone know anything about this NSX?

I tried to neg. With him when I bought my car so I could stay local but he would drop he's had that car for sale since dec that I know. Its very ugly