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Anyone near Dallas that can help check out a potential NSX for me?

28 March 2014
Seattle, WA

I'm new to the forum and am seeking out my first NSX. There is one being sold at eCarOne.com that is the right color and year (2005 Silver).

I'm in Seattle so I can't see it in person, and not sure I'm willing to fly out there to do so. I figure any NSX owners on this site would be more than qualified to give me a rundown on the car. Can someone close go have and look and let me know any glaring issues?

Or if anyone has any info on this dealer, I'd welcome any comments on them as well!

Feel free to PM me or post reply here please. Thank you in advance.
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Have you searched this site using the VIN, or googled the VIN? Looks like there is a previous owner's phone number out there that might provide you some history.
It's probably the lighting but, in most of the pictures, it looks like the driver's side door doesn't match as well as the rear bumper. If you are thinking of spending $ 52K I'd run a Carfax and/or an Autocheck on this one first. Like I said it may just be the lighting and if so that's a fair price and you could even talk them down to $50K or more if the maintenence hasn't been kept up.
Thanks for the tips guys but I get conflicting info from various sources. Both Carfax and Autocheck show clean. But a post here on prime from a vin search says steering is messed up, stains all over, etc and not to buy this car sight unseen. Hard to imagine someone staining up an nsx like this but who knows. Then a google search shows an ad from 2011 at 38k miles that says never driven in rain, perfect, etc. Then I find another more recent ad for the car in Texas (possibly where ecarone bought the car from) that says it's perfect. See http://www.texasimportsales.com/web/print_vehicle_v2/1378648

I know it might be a lot to ask, but I'd feel much more comfortable if a legit prime member with nsx knowledge and pickiness check it out in person. I would even PayPal anyone cash for their gas and time to go check it out for me. Just looking for a an unbiased, detailed report and analysis. So close to pulling the trigger on this car...

But any other comments or observations on this car and/or dealer are greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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I just called them and they still have the car for sale. They open at 10am tomorrow morning.
If I end up making it to an NSX outing for lunch tomorrow, I can certainly swing by and check
it out. The salesman / Paul that I just spoke to said that he will gather all of the docs available
for it as he is not sure if TB/WP Service has been done yet. He also said he'd have the keys
ready for me to take it for a drive.

You may have somebody that has already swung by this morning to check it out as he said that
2 other people stopped by and took pics of it for out of state parties interested in it.

Feel free to give me a call if you have any specific questions you'd like answered. Will PM you
with my cell#

VIN# JH4NA21665S000158 - 2005 NSX w/ 47,521 Miles

Hi Computron,

I had some time this morning on the way to an NSX Meet up and swung by to have a look at it
and take it for a drive. By No Means am I an Expert but I've purchased / owned 3 NSX's and
treated this situation as if I were going to purchase it. I have listed below the findings / items
I found with it. In case somebody else is checking this car out, they may like to see this thread
so I have listed the VIN so that it will appear in a future search: JH4NA21665S000158

01. No Documentation / Records from any of the Previous Owners.
02. No idea if TB & WP Service was ever Completed.
03. Right Rear 1/4 Panel with a Large Chip / Gash (3/4") on the top side.
04. Left Rear 1/4 Panel appears to have been repainted
05. Right Front 1/4 Panel appears to have been repainted and possibly replaced as No VIN Sticker was present.
06. Front Hood was repainted as there was quite a bit of overspray underneath and drips of Clear as well.
07. Rear Trunk Lid was definitely repainted and had signs of blending on both the right and left sides.
08. The Rear Wing did not line up on the left side as you will see from the picture below, large gap!
09. Rear Bumper had a (1") Scratch on the left side.
10. Interior Silver Leather and Accents were pretty worn for a 40K Mile NSX, definitely never treated with Lexol, etc.
11. Driver’s seat had substantial wear with a large hole through the seat.
12. Painted front lip with cracks / paint chipping away (No Biggie)
13. No Signs of anything out of place underneath the car. Looked fine...
14. Engine ran very good & strong.
15. Clutch was fine
16. Engine Compartment looked great ... also no sign of any sludge when removing the oil cap.
17. E-Brake needs adjustment severely ... barely engages.
18. Car pulls right / needs alignment.
19. Nice ARC Exhaust / Sounds good!
20. All lights interior (Dash) and Exterior worked fine.

My 2 Cents: Can't quite figure out why there is such a bad alignment of the rear wing as everything on the lid as well
as the 1/4 panel lined up well. As for all of the repainting with still original parts (VIN Stickers) May have been some
light Hail Damage. This is all just speculation and you may have to have a look for yourself if you’re really interested.
Definitely a Clay Bar job is needed on the paint as there are Spider / Swirls clearly visible. Hope this helps! Definately
a lot of potential to be a sweet NSX with some TLC... Here's the pics:

What did they say when two nsxs showed up to check it out?

Very thorough review. I'm sure any future potential buyer will be pleased at it.

I REALLY REALLY appreciate your taking the time to check it out and giving such a thorough review. Did you take any pictures of the gash/chip on the right rear quarter panel or the scratch on the rear bumper?

As for the pulling to the right, do you think it's a simple alignment thing, or was it severe enough to possibly be bent suspension components?

So it appears the car has had a lot of repainting done to it.... Did it look like a good job overall?

So honestly, I'm kind of torn. Is it better to buy this one on the cheap (albeit $50K is not too cheap!) and just live with the repainted panels and fix up the rest, or spend around $70K to get an unmolested, fully documented, one. I'll take comments and suggestions from anyone please... tough decision. Part of me says $20K difference can fix up a lot of issues. But then part of me says a collector's car like the NSX should be as pristine and in as off-the-assembly-line perfect condition as possible.

I welcome feedback and comments. What would you guys do?
If I'm going to be buying such a car and want to keep it for awhile, it would be worth it to spend more. Because at the end of the day, even if you spend more money fixing this and that, it still won't be better (in my eyes) than an original unmolested one.
Thank you for doing this analysis!
Thank you for doing this analysis!

Hi Ira... I see you are in Portland. Have you taken a look at the 2002 NSX in Eugene with like only 4000 original miles? That's one of the ones I am considering vs this one in Texas. What do you think?
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No I actually haven't. That car, from my understanding, has been in Vancouver most of it's life. I'm not exactly sure how it got down to Eugene. Additionally, there is an inconsistency with the mileage, take a peek at the car fax, http://www.carfax.com/VehicleHistor...aler_id=573742&car_id=367717317&partner=ATD_U

I know that is likely an error, however I feel like for the age of the car that might be a bit of a stretch. At this point, everything is going to have a story. As Steven (Vanishing Point) knows, I was looking at this car in Dallas 3 weeks ago. The dealership was unwilling to negotiate, and only after I brought up the previous history regarding the center console and seat bolster, did they offer $750 off of their $58,995 price. No thanks. With as many owners as this car has had and being on the East Coast the majority of it's life, I feel the asking price needs to creep a bit lower for any potential buyer.

Computron, I see you're in Seattle. Let's do our best to get some additional 02+'s in the PacNW :)
Hi Guys!

@ B2FiNiTY,
I'm sure they knew what they were in for ... LOL. They pretty much just left me alone with
my note pad. They even let me take it for a ride with no dealer rep / salesman, he stated
that they were fine with it as I was leaving mine there ... LOL! Hopefully this will help somebody
when they google the VIN to assist them on making an offer.

@ Computron,
The pics that I took of the Gash and the Bumper did not turn out well. I took the pics with an
IPhone and you could not see them clearly / they were blurry when I downloaded them ... Sorry!
As for the pull to the right, it was subtle when going slow / accelerating. About 98% sure a good
alignment would take care of it. The paint was above average, as mentioned, I would have it clay
bar'd and you'll have to touch up a few spots. Good question about being torn. It all depends on
what exactly you;re looking for. If you;re looking for one to leave Box Stock / OEM Example, this
is not the one for you. If you plan on doing some modding then this would be an outstanding
candidate but 50K is not worth it ... My Max offer for this car as it sits would be 42-44K. You have
to be really patient when looking for "THE ONE". 50-55K should get you a really nice NSX with
some history / doccumentation.

@ oldnews,
Thanks Brother! I've been a member here for 12 years and it has certainly taken good care of me
when I;ve needed advise / help. Glad you;re enjoying it....
Good job with the findings Terry.
+2 ^^^^ if i were to spend 50k+ i might as well get a clean no story NSX with current Mtce & all docs.
great Analysis.

To the OP: If your budget is $50K then I would look for an older NSX with documented History instead of a 2005. The 2005 is the last year and therefore it better be a mint, collector car.
What did they say when two nsxs showed up to check it out?

Very thorough review. I'm sure any future potential buyer will be pleased at it.

That was mine lol. Terry brought the NSX in question by my shop for a look, since we are across the street from the dealership he picked it up at. The NSX looked good, but up close has its fair share of flaws.
Forgive my ignorance as I am still learning... But, what is TB & WP Service? and what is all done at this service point
Hopefully the new interested buyer will swing by here so he can price his offer accordingly...