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Anyone recognize this particular Gen 2?

31 May 2021
I am currently on the market for a Gen2 and I found this one at a dealer in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

It is currently at the Acura dealership getting "Serviced" but when I called over to Acura the service tech told me the rear tires were absolutely shot but that they were replacing them. They also found a leaking brake line and the battery was dead and the check engine light was on, but they hadnt tracked that down yet.

My concern is that the car has only 4000+ miles and the rear tires are showing cords. Tells me it was driven hard most likely. Id hate to buy a car that had 2000 of its 4000 miles put on it 1/4 mile at a time.

Just wondering if someone here knew the previous owner.....since theyre are so few of them, maybe someone does. Id just like to get a bit of history if possible. I asked the salesperson if the car also had the SOS JB4 piggyback installed but I dont think this dealership knows anything about it.

Any info is appreciated.


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running with the storm trooper vibe...
I like it, but I think the NC is going to be an unmaintainable albatross.

I predict they'll just be converted to full EV in a decade.
The car itself is already telling you a story. I think you know the answer to your questions. If these things are an issue then it’s best to move on
The tire condition and custom white paint job scream pro athlete to me. This car has been beat on hard- those guys love to tear up exotic cars and laugh about it on Instagram. I'd steer clear or at least get some kind of certified pre-owned deal from Acura where they either went through and fixed everything or will stand by it if it breaks.