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Anyone understanding Japanese?

13 May 2000
Near Rotterdam
Hi all, isn't great to have the list back again.....

I have this remarkable oilpressure trouble on my NSX, which is NOT the reliefvalve problem.
So on the weekend i was watching this Japanese NSX video, and suddenly they where showing this oil-pressure gauge, doing EXACTLY the same as mine, afterwards showing this f... oilpumphousing.
Though it's quiet clear whats going on, i really like to know what this guy is saying about it. I can't make an AVI, but i can record the sound into a wav-file, which i will do today.

If anyone can help me translating it to english, it would be very nice, since my Japanese is less then your dutch.

It's only about 30 sec's.

Please mail me direct to [email protected] AND [email protected] (it depends on if i am at home or at the office, yep also on Sunday....)

Thankx in advance,

1993 ..../black
I can help as well...let me know if you still need help
Hey whats up,

The sites finally up again, if you need help I can also be of assistance.

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Ken Ichikawa
Newtyp Tuning
Thankx all for the replies!

I have one of the forummembers working on it. If i need any more help, i will post it to you guys as well.

Thankx again,

M. Plasmeijer
1993 .../black