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Are you prepared for collapse of the US Empire?

16 May 2001
Shelf Reliance® THRIVE™ 1-year Supply Dehydrated & Freeze-Dried Food For 1 Person $799.00


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5.0 out of 5 stars Life-Saver!!!, June 2, 2011
By Sole-Survivor - See all my reviews
This review is from: Shelf Reliance THRIVE 1 year Supply Dehydrated & Freeze-Dried Food 1-year Food Supply For 1 Person (Misc.)

Wow! What can I say? This was literally a life-saver! I had purchased several orders of these, fully expecting that I'd never need to use them. I couldn't have been more wrong!

A little background first. I lived in a remote town in the US, but I will not say where for reasons I will soon explain. Anyway, a some years back, some folks adopted a young girl from S. America & brought her back to our town. (It really was a small place & we all knew each others' business & were real friendly to each other.) So they come & brought their little girl, Silvia, if I recall correctly. She was a right cute thing w/ big brown eyes, but couldn't speak a lick of English. Anyway, she was sick with some sort of virus that folks round our place started callin' "tribal sickness." Stayed in bed most the time. Well, it was only a matter of time before her new parents caught whatever it was. Seemed just a short time fore there were several folks in town that just seems to be shamblin about aimlessly w/ an empty look in their eyes. I'd say hi & they'd just ignore me. Old friends o mine treatin me like that! Made me mad at first, but then things snowballed.

Once the proper authorities were informed of the disease, they issued a quarinteen on our town & wouldn't let no planes come or go. Thing is, only way in or out our town was by plane through our tiny airport. You can't drive through the brush round us & it was too dam cold & too dangerous to hike the wilderness that time of year. They shut down our internet & our communication lines. Couldn't get nothin on the radio or the tv. That's when things got right spooky. I seen the signs & I knewd Id hafta keep my wife & two girls safe. So while the few townsfolk who weren't sick fought over the remaining supplies I took my family & the 4 of us hunkered down in my granddaddy's ol bomb shelter he built hisself in our family's property. All's I had was 3 orders of Shelf Reliance THRIVE 1 year Supply Dehydrated & Freeze-Dried Food 1-year Food Supply For 1 Person & a coupla guns & a few 50gal barrels of water. HOnestly don't know how long we was in there. We had no means of tellin time. Didn't right now what was goin on out there, I jest figgured it was best to wait for help.

After a whiles, though we had plenty of food, we was runnin low on batteries & I reckned Id go find us some, along w/ any propane if I could find any. I left them there & took my Winchester 30-30. When I got to main street, it was a ghost town. Not a sound. Looked as though there had been riots. Windows were out & cars were smashed. It looked like it had been a war zone. I headed to Johnson's Goods which stocked everythin. There wasn't much left. Couldn't find any food or anythin worth savin. As I exited through the front back onto the street, I heard a harsh gurgling sound comin from the side of the buildin. I called out, but no one answered. I walked slowly toward it, grippin my gun, not knowing what to expect. A horrid stench filled my nostrils. As I rounded the corner, I saw Henrich, who before, at 19, had worked as the youngest patrollman for the city bank. He was sitting between the buildings leaning against the wall of the the dentist's office. He was dirty & his clothes were tattered & his hair was matted & disheveled.
"Henrich," I says, "Whatch you sittin out here for? You're gonna catch yer death o' cold!"
He quickly started & his head turned sharply in my direction. Then I saw a look in his eyes that I had only seen once or twice in all my years of huntin. One time was a mother bear & the other was a wounded wolf. It was that look that told me he was out to get me. It was only then that I noticed his shirt & pants were caked with dried blood. He stood on his feet.
I backed up & raised my rifle.
"Don't come any closer, Henrich!" I yelled once, twice, but he did not respond.
"I don't know what you did, Henrich, but I can help you if you stop right now!"
He came closer. I backed up til I was against an overturned SUV.
"One more step & I'll pull the trigger!" I yelled, crying all the while.
His arms outstretched, came ever closer.
I didn't even realize I had pulled the trigger til his body fell back & hit the ground with a thud.
I looked at him for ages, unmoving, watching the blood pool around his head.

I've never been so scared in my life. Choking back the tears, I ran fast as I could back to my yard & to our shelter.

To my horror, the door leading down into the shelter was ajar. Had I left it unlocked?? Had my wife not forgotten to seal it?! I ran to the opening & lifted the lid. Th stench emanating from the shelter was overpowering. I recoiled at first & then descended the ladder as quickly as I could. It took a while for my eyes to adjust to the dim lighting. I noticed the floor felt wet & sticky. Once I could see properly, I saw my two girls lying on the ground next to an adult form, I feared it to be my wife and rushed to it. I turned the body over & discovered that it was Albert, the mailman. Parts of his skull came apart in my hands. I realized I was sitting in blood and that my girls lay unmoving. I hear a rustling in the corner & only then noticed my wife huddled in the shadows. I could see the glint of her eyes & the flash of steel from her hands.
"Wha-what happened..?" I struggled to find the words.
*cough* "He came in not 5 minutes after you left. Must have seen you leave & found the door. He was screaming that we were selfish to hoard our supplies. *cough* Said he was the last of the "sane" ones left. Said that everyone else went crazy & those who had been sick got worse; that they started to eat each other. Can it be true? He had a gun. Before I knew what was happening, he shot the girls & pointed the gun at me. He was going to rape me first before killing me. *cough, cough*
He threw me on the bed & I remembered you kept your spare pistol under the pillow. I grabbed it & I pointed it at him & shot. The first one missed & he was able to shoot me once. My second shot didn't miss."
"You're bleeding!" I said, terrified. I moved her as gently as I could to the bed. Tears flowing from my face.

"It's okay. It's my time. *cough, cough* Don't worry about me. You need to take care of yourself. Promise me that you'll survive this hell & start a new life. Find a safe place & start another family."
"But, I can't leave y-"
"Promise me!"
"I do, I promise."
"Good. *sigh* I don't have much longer. It's getting darker & I'm so cold. Remember what you said to me when we first met?"
"Of course," I said, as I draped a blanket over her shoulders. "I said that I wanted to be with you for as long as you lived & that I would take care of you until the end."
She smiled faintly. "Yes. That was it. I still haven't forgotten that. Today, you will fulfill that promise. I want you to know that you have nothing to fear, nothing to regret. Our girls were beautiful & they knew that Mommy & Daddy loved them. Though they were taken from this world prematurely, they were happy & loved all of their days. Remember them with love.

"I have lived a full life. I have enjoyed everything a wife could ask for, a loving husband, a beautiful family & a place to call home. Remember me, yes, but do not shed tears for me. Rather, I am the one who shall cry for you, for the world is a dark place & you will have many evil days ahead of you. Hold on to love. It will see you through even the darkest of days.
Do not fear, you will see me again someday. Goodbye. I love you..."

And with those last words, she breathed her last.
I sat kneeling by the bed, holding her hand & weeping over her body.

Fast forward about 2 yrs (as I was down to my last few cans of food)

I hear loud noises for the first time outside & decide it was worth the risk to find out what it was. I open the door & am immediately surrounded by folks with assault rifles, gas masks & combat gear. They almost start blastin, but I reach for the sky real quick before they started the fireworks.
Folks in haz-mat suits inspect me & hose me down & give me a physical. Once I'm cleared, they allow me to change & shave, then put me on a plane. Long story short, I am given a huge check by Uncle Sam, a new ID & shipped off to where I am living today. Apparently it was the governments fault for not catching on to that little S American girl's disease & for leavin us all alone to fend for ourselves. The media doesn't believe me & I can't prove anything, cause Unc Sam made it as though my old self never existed.

I'm happy to say though that I've lived up to the promise I made to my wife that day. I've started my new life & found someone who loves me. (She's also the only one who believes my story.) I never can forget those days though & the hardship has made me a better man for it. I've learned that even in those times when you seem all alone, Love never fails. I wouldn't be here today if it weren't for Shelf Reliance THRIVE 1 year Supply Dehydrated & Freeze-Dried Food 1-year Food Supply For 1 Person!
Crazies ... About the inhabitants of a small Iowa town suddenly plagued by insanity and then death after a mysterious toxin contaminates their water supply.