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Ark Coilover users chime in.....

10 February 2008
I am currently trying to put together my nsx part list, and while researching suspension i have come into several issues. I read here on prime of people complaining about the harsh ride on tein flex when riding over rough roads. I also have read about the tight clearances with just using bilsteins on the lower perch with stock springs, which can lead to potential tire rubbing. While searching sos's website i came across ark st-p coilovers. I attempted to find info about them on prime but all i came across was a couple "I have them and i like them" comments with no real review of the the suspension as to quality, ride and longevity. Any info regarding the ark st-p or dt-p coilovers would be greatly appreciated.
I have the DT-P on my car. I like them but I've never been in any other NSX and they were on my car when I bought it so I have nothing to compare it to.
i do not plan on tracking the car, so 2500 on coilovers isnt reasonable in my opinion when Ark's are 1300, and bilsteins are 600.