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Exhaust ARK DT-X catback exhaust ** direct bolt on for 91-96 (97+ with adapters needed)

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21 February 2017
** SOLD ** thanks prime!

Selling the ARK DT-X exhaust that came with the car when I bought it. From my research on the car, it seems like the second owner of the car purchased this exhaust about 10yrs ago. Typical wear and tear for being 10 years old, but no dents/cracks or other significant blemishes. just REALLY DIRTY lol. The exhaust note is pretty mild and has a deep/medium tone to it and has a barely subtle rumble at idle while at WOT is when it gets noticeable. It definitely feels lighter than the oem exhaust (isn't everything tho lol) but i wouldnt really call it a lightweight exhaust when compared to high-end titanium exhaust systems.

here's a sound clip of the exhaust but this is WITH straight pipes and headers. when i was on stock cats, the sound level was probably about half if not more than half quieter lol


Selling it for $300 for a quick sale, local pick up in SoCal preferred as it's pretty damn big and I dont have a box for it.
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Can you let me know if your pending sale falls through please? I’m interested.

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