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JonMonkey's build thread

I really like this thread :) I keep missing my 1991 NSX.. The entry price is kind of steep today (although twice the price for the car, I make four times the money now.. so wtf is my problem? LOL!)
After what seems like forever I have finally installed my new body pieces and am awaiting time for paint. I can not wait to see what this car looks like with fresh paint and all one color again.


So far I got the front bumper replaced with a new Mode4 bumper and an 02 front lip. Also added a Seibon carbon hood, a set of Downforce TCRC side skirts, Downforce carbon side vents and a set of Pride carbon side mirrors.


While I was waiting for the exterior parts to come in I started some work on the interior. I wrapped the door panels in black alcantara and added the Euroboutique carbon switch panels. Currently waiting for Euroboutiqu to add some carbon to my door handles.