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Arosc race school this weekend that im taking

27 May 2006
West San Gabriel Valley Area, CA
Many of you know that I’ve been competing in time trials with AROSC (Alfa Club of Southern California) going on four years now. However, the first time I drove on a track was during the 2010 NSXPO in Las Vegas, and that was when the track bug bit me. At that time, I was driving my first NSX, a 95 red/tan auto, which was not the ideal track car, and to make matters worse the transmission broke down on the second track day. Nonetheless, the real damage, in addition to my pocket book, was done, and I was hooked. As well as having a whole lot of fun on the track, I was also fortunate in having two great instructors. My first instructor was a local armature racer, who drilled into me the importance of car control, consistency and particularly smoothness, and that my lap times will improve only when these skills are learned. My second instructor was Billy Johnson, who taught me why he is a professional racecar driver. With one hand on the steering wheel and the other pointing out the racing line, apex and the other finer points of high performance driving, Billy was passing technically faster NSX’s with relative ease. Besides the expert driving tips, Billy proved to me that a lesser car in skilled hands could be quicker than a technically faster car in lesser hands.

However, as much fun as I had during the NSXPO track event, I did not get on a track again until three years later when I bought my current 97 yellow NSX, and when invited by a family acquaintance to participate in an AROSC track weekend at Willow Springs. That’s when I really got hooked, and when I also embarked on the slippery slope of making mods to my NSX to improve its performance.

However, I was always destined to tracking my car in that when I was a kid I really enjoyed watching the Indy 500, and I idolized drivers like A.J. Foyt, Roger Ward, Parnelli Jones, Jimmy Clark, Gaham Hill, Bobby Unser and most all, Mario Andretti. As a result, starting around junior high school, I developed my love for cars, but not muscle cars like all of my friends at the time, but rather sports cars. I also fantasized in becoming a racecar driver, but reality set in when my younger sister was much faster than me when we drove go-karts at Lake Gregory during the summers. Nonetheless, my racecar driver fantasy never dwindled and this weekend, I will be participating in the AROSC Race School at the Streets of Willow. AROSC’s Race School is a two-day course that includes classroom sessions, skid pad drills and most importantly wheel to wheel racing against the other students. Due to safety equipment requirements, I won’t be driving my NSX, but also because the Race School Director strongly suggested that I not drive my NSX in that car contact, although not common, is possible. However, now I needed to find a race-prepped car to drive. Fortunately, a fraternity brother of mine, who had competed in wheel to wheel racing in northern California for several years, offered his Spec Miata for me to drive for the race school. So, I bought a used race suit and I’m ready to race!

On the last day of the class race school students get to compete in the 30 minute graduation race. I’m not expecting to earn a spot on the winner’s podium in that there are several faster cars taking the race class. Rather, my goal is not to come in last place LOL

Anyway, wish me luck, and I’ll be sure to take a lot photos and videos during the race school, which I’ll post here on FB.

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you will sell the NSX and buy a Miata :biggrin: