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Billet Cams, Forged Pistons, Forged Rods

30 October 2016
Austin, TX
Selling off some engine parts I don't need.

New ATR Racing Billet Camshafts (Comptech profile) - $2000

This is the Comptech cam profile reproduced using a billet manufacturing process instead of hard welding. I had Calico Coatings apply their micro finish surface treatment for friction reduction and long life.


New Carrillo Forged H-beam Connecting Rods - $1400 SOLD

Some of the best rods you can get for a high power C30 build. These have the upgraded Carr bolt option, 22mm small ends, 53mm big ends for 3.0L crankshafts. These rods measure out perfectly to the 0.0001". It typically takes several months at least to get a set of these produced after ordering as they are not a shelf stocked part.

New Wiseco 3.2L Forged Pistons - $900 SOLD

93mm pistons from SoS, 10.2:1 compression ratio, 2618 alloy. Includes 22mm wrist pins, clips and rings. Wrist pins were DLC coated by Calico Coatings. Also includes a 93mm tapered ring compressor tool for easy installation.


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