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Attn: Comptech Headers and Exhaust owners

10 February 2001
Southern California
I really frown on doing mods that require permanent modificatons to the car. Comptech's online instructions says that the heat shields might have to be bent to make the exhaust fit, did anyone have to do this? As for the headers, is there any cutting required with regards to the 02 sensors to make them longer? I've only seen the pics on comptech's website, is there anyone here that can post good pics of an NSX with the comptech exhaust with resonated tips? Are the resonated tips round like a tin can or are they angle cut? Thanks in advance.
I've owned both the exhaust and headers. As far as bending heat shielding for the exhaust, I can't remember ever having to do that. Regarding the headers, Comptech includes long O2 wires in the kit.

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-- Chris