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Aussie groupbuy

16 July 2008
Noord Holland, The Netherlands
Hi guys,

I thought it might be a good idea to help the Australian NSX community.
I'd like to organizing a group buy,

Performance or Maintenance parts

Shipping options,
We have two options on group buys, shipping individually or shipping to one location (saves hugely)

Who would be interested? and in what parts.
I suggest maintenance kits/parts they'r always a good idea.

  • Timingbelt & waterpump kits.
  • Maintenance sets

Or maybe,
  • SS brakelines
  • Clutch kits

So if you guys could give a preference in shipping options and type of parts.
I'll work out a deal for you.
I would potentially be interested in a maintenance kit plus a timing belt and waterpump kit. Obviously this would be dependent on the price!

All the best,

I've noticed that there a few NSX in the Melbourne area, might be a idea to ship to local groups.

For example i can do 4 basic WP&TB kits (waterpump, timing belt & tensioner)
$450 AUD shipped individually per kit.
$425 AUD shipped together per kit.

Adding the spark plugs and filters wont be much ether.
Hi Adnan!

Thanks for considering us down here! I've got quite a few things I need to get from you (like lexan windows for the race car) but I am having to prioritise at the moment.

I do need a Water Pump and Timing belt kit for my '98, but I want to add in the Crank Pulley as well. I think this is a small extra cost to replace this once in every two timing belt services. Previous NSX owner failures indicate the OEM one lasts about 20 years, so replacing the damper pulley once every 12 years should be sufficient preventative maintenance?

Thanks Adnan

Depends greatly on usages and conditions.
If your in a very stable natural climate with out extremes it will last a lot longer than in a hot and dry climate, freezing doesn't help the pulley ether.

General rule of thumb 15-20 years is what i'd recommend depending on the climate.
I can also make a combination shipment, I do it often for owners clubs looking to save on shipping.